DECONTACTOR Series Ensures User Safety

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 3, 2017 8:28:55 AM

DECONTACTOR Series Plugs and Receptacles are different from conventional devices, both in terms of design as well as material. Meltric has used spring-loaded, butt-style contacts which are commonly found on switchgear, making sure end-to-end protection is provided for all connections. The spring-loading makes sure that the contacts retain their integrity even after thousands of operations. These contacts are the best way to adjust to the dynamic market standards, eliminating any connection problems that may result from contact mating.

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Meltric Decontactor Can Save You Time & Improve Safety

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 3, 2017 8:25:33 AM

How did Meltric outgrow & outperform conventional technology?

A $23.6 million wastewater treatment plant in Wisconsin suffered firsthand from the pitfalls of hardwired engineering when one of the submersible mixers malfunctioned, putting the entire tank out of service for a day. This left the technicians to ponder for a more viable solution, one that would have minimum installation time and excellent performance without compromising the safety of any plant asset.

The soution? The plant’s mixers were fitted with Meltric Decontactors as they checked all the marks for an efficient, long-term solution

Meltric’s Decontactors series switch-rated plugs and receptacles provide synergetic set of features, combining the safety of disconnect switches and the convenience of a plug. Their state-of-the-art design and fabrication through high quality materials make sure users have the ability to safely make and break connections under full load during normal operation as well as faults.

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Meltric Improves Machinery Operations

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 21, 2017 8:45:31 AM

Maintaining performance while guaranteeing safety is one of the most pressing concerns of modern manufacturing industries, as even the most automated units require human interventions. Equipment are most likely driven by electrical power, which as we know is higher than normal ratings. This exposes workers to safety hazards, which can sometimes be daunting and in turn reduce overall performance of the assembly line/unit.

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Increase Safety & Productivity with Meltric Technology

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 19, 2017 8:50:09 AM

Safety and productivity are two concepts that are directly dependent on each other. If the safety of any industrial environment falls, so will the productivity, and as a result amount for a loss for the company. There is seldom any industrial unit in a plant that doesn’t make use of electricity for whatever product that’s being made. As the connections increase, the safety risks associated with them become serious as well leading to the need for risk-free, reliable safety mechanisms.

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Mersen Whitepaper: Reducing Arc Energies with Current Limiting Fuses

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 17, 2017 1:24:20 PM


Plasma didn’t make it to the list of types of matter until recently when the presence of the state and its countless uses became apparent. While plasma is a blessing for industries in the form of welding, cutting and lighting when used in a controlled manner, uncontrolled use can result in immediate and long-term damage to extensive power networks.

Distribution and transmission lines are hotbeds for faults within power systems, which can occur at any times due to their uncertain nature. An electric arc, which is a plasma discharge, is almost certain as a result of a fault that rattles the electrons within air, an insulator, forcing them to conduct current.

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STOP! Safety Switches Halt Risks

Posted by Eric Olson on Nov 24, 2015 9:19:55 AM



When you were a kid playing ball your parents probably had to yell this at least once when your ball (inevitably) went into the street.  Why was this so important?  Because your parents had your safety in mind, they didn’t want you to get hit by a car! 

20+ years later you are now working on or around machinery that may be just as dangerous as that busy street you grew up on. But your parents are not standing behind you just waiting to yell “Stop!” whenever they see a potential hazard approaching. So what do you do?


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Backup Options for Siemens G120 Drives

Posted by Mark Justice on Aug 28, 2015 2:50:34 PM

Your Siemens G120 or G120C AC drive is installed and running.  Now the thought hits you as to how to back up the configuration in case of a failure in the future.  Siemens offers several options for you, including a software tool, operator panels, and memory cards.

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Safety Laser Scanners vs. Safety Mats – Which One Do I Choose?

Posted by Eric Olson on Aug 28, 2015 1:46:13 PM

For many decades safety mats have been used as a standard form of area protection in the plant environment. Though an old technology by design, safety mats have proven to be a tried and true means of protecting workers from harm.

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Machine Safety Today: Protect Your Most Valuable Asset

Posted by Eric Olson on Feb 22, 2015 10:52:00 AM

Accidents happen!

The indirect costs of accidents are greater than the direct costs. According to the ASSE (American Society of Safety Engineers) for every $1 of direct accident costs, there are typically $4 in indirect costs. These indirect costs may include the following. . .

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A Better Safe-Zone: OMRON's OS32C-4M Type 3 Safety Laser Scanner

Posted by Tenisha Corrales on Feb 19, 2015 12:54:00 PM

Just recently OMRON Automation and Safety announced the OS32C-4M Type 3 safety laser scanner, and the safety advances to it are astounding, no wonder it is part of the company’s award winning family. Weighing less than 3 pounds, this compact and easy-to-install safety laser scanner provides a 4 meter safety range, 15 meter warning zones, and a 270 degree detection angle. This safety scanner can even be mounted 4 meters high, eliminating the temptation of tampering (yes – it happens).  

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