Meltric Improves Machinery Operations

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 21, 2017 8:45:31 AM

meltric case study (2).pngMaintaining performance while guaranteeing safety is one of the most pressing concerns of modern manufacturing industries, as even the most automated units require human interventions. Equipment are most likely driven by electrical power, which as we know is higher than normal ratings. This exposes workers to safety hazards, which can sometimes be daunting and in turn reduce overall performance of the assembly line/unit.

The dynamic need to connect/disconnect electrical connections at an industry give way to the need for proper plugs and receptacles. Meltric’s Decontactor series is the perfect way to end this problem, and through use of superior materials, cutting-edge designs and robust construction, eliminate safety concerns for a manufacturer.

Decontactor series of plugs and receptacles are designed for the worst, including short circuit protection. Meltric’s technology goes an extra mile when it comes to safety, and these plugs and receptacles can withstand currents up to 100kA. They are well suited for most resistive and inductive equipment, providing a plug and play approach, to eliminate any hassle during installation.

Their design is in compliance with NFPA 70E and CSA Z462 requirements leaving no room for doubts regarding their shielding capabilities. In addition to being studded with safety, these devices are built for providing reliance and enabling smoother operations. The plugs and receptacles are made from a silver-nickel alloy with a butt-style contact design under patented spring-assisted technology to provide efficiency and robust operations. Their features excel that of conventional pin and sleeve type plugs, and are therefore preferred in situations that demand worker safety along with uninterrupted productivity.

A Meltric Case Study: Stolle Machinery Makes an Easy Connection

Stolle Machinery.pngStolle’s Machinery makes the perfect case for the implementation of these switches. The company designs and builds a wide range of machinery that is used to manufacture beverage, food cans, etc. The company’s Colorado division is suited for the production of two-piece beverage cans, while the Ohio division is tasked with machinery used to produce cupping systems and sanitary ends.

The manufacturing plants make use of equipment such as coil feeders, pumps, uncoilers, blowers, etc. When the need arises to perform routine maintenance, all power lines need to be disconnected. The problem they faced was the excessive time required for routine checkups, while combating hazards such as arc flashes even with NEMA standard twist-locking connectors.

Meltric’ Decontactors fitted right in as disconnecting power is a simple operation that requires nothing more than pressing a push-button and withdrawing of the plug. The safety is induced by the fact that Meltric Decontactors break the live-power connection as soon as the button is pressed, eliminating the workers’ chances of getting exposed to an arc-flash. This saved both time while getting around the problem of vulnerability, allowing Stolle’s manufacturing to smoothen out its operations.

Meltric’s line of Decontactors can also help with the equipment changeout and operating costs. The need for hardwiring is eliminated with the use of Meltric’s Decontactors, therefore cutting down costs due to electricians and mechanics. The simple plug and play mechanism has an almost flat learning curve, thus, the need for conducting special trainings is almost non-existent. Finally, the long life of these contactors thanks to the robust design and fabrication, ensures Return on Investment along with reduced costs for service and repairs.

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