DECONTACTOR Series Ensures User Safety

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 3, 2017 8:28:55 AM

ensure user safety.pngDECONTACTOR Series Plugs and Receptacles are different from conventional devices, both in terms of design as well as material. Meltric has used spring-loaded, butt-style contacts which are commonly found on switchgear, making sure end-to-end protection is provided for all connections. The spring-loading makes sure that the contacts retain their integrity even after thousands of operations. These contacts are the best way to adjust to the dynamic market standards, eliminating any connection problems that may result from contact mating.

Traditional plugs and receptacles use brass contact surfaces, which may come off as cheap but inherits a number of problems such as high oxidation resistance and increased chances of arcs which are both a threat to user safety. On the other hand, Meltric uses Silver-Nickel contact surfaces which not only bring down resistance after oxidation or tarnishing but also isolate the user from arcs. As a result, making or breaking connections at the highest of temperatures, and in the most rugged of environments can take place safely.

hqdefault.jpgMeltric’s DECONTACTOR series also has another feature that greatly boosts user safety, i.e. its dead-front design. Through this design, the user can never get exposed to live parts or any associated risks. The DS and DSN Series devices are built with safety shutters that close over the contacts before the plug can be removed. The steps for removal are as follows:

  • Rotate the plug 30 degrees counter-clockwise
  • The rotation closes the safety shutter automatically
  • An insulating barrier is created
  • Remove the Plug

This means that even if the user is unaware of the flow of current through the plug, he/she can never get into contact with it, nor with its effects including arcing. This particular feature isn’t available with conventional plugs and receptacles that still follow the decades old design.

Finally, the use of premium material and fabrication practices makes sure that the DECONTACTOR series devices don’t give up on you midway, ensuring consistent and reliable connections that go a long way.

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