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SET.pngSafety is one of the core component upon which an industrial business depends. Apart from ensuring the protection of workforce, safe machines can bring positive changes in the operating efficiency and thus the competitiveness of a company. The entire process of guaranteeing maximum safety is a long & complex one, but is built upon improving functional safety. Devices ranging from control systems to protection apparatus must function correctly in order to ensure long-term continuity and safety for workers.

In order to ensure that plants are running as safe as possible, the European Machinery Directive requires the company to provide a comprehensive analysis of their potential risks. Once this analysis is carried out, all the underlying risks must be minimized by implementing structural, organizational and technical measures.

According to the Machine Directive, the necessary technical documentation required to ensure minimal risks include e-plans, engineering drawings, risk assessment, etc. The Siemens Safety Evaluation Tools (SET) lets you meet this goal directly. The TUV-tested online tool guides the user in a step-by-step manner, starting from specification, right up to the determination of the attained safety integrity. As a result, you obtain a standard-compliant report, completely mergeable with your documentation as a proof of safety.

At a glance, SET provides:

  • Calculations in accordance with the established standards
  • Fast & automated import of safety-related values
  • Standardizes file format (XML)
  • Elimination of input errors
  • EPLAN for creating construction plans

Step-by-Step Preparation of Compliant Machine Documentation

The online tool guides you completely through the process of result report preparation in a targeted manner. A step by step approach is followed by SET:

  • The safety areas are analyzed and the safety functions are specified
  • The sub-systems are created and filled with data
  • A final report is presented containing clear status information

The tool allows you to select the standard on which the entire calculations will be dependent upon. These include:

  • IEC 62061
  • ISO 13849-1

These standards are accepted globally, and their inclusion in the tool mainstreams your documentation, making it usable in varying environments.

Software for standard-compliant machine evaluations

siemens.jpgThe Safety Evaluation Tool provides an easy way for the creation of safety certifications. After risk assessment & planning the safety project, technical safety measures must be specified. A safety function must be defined for every risk factor and assigned either to the Safety Integrity Level (SIL) or the Performance Level. The function is then developed using a sensor, logic or an actuator.

Using SET, the machine manufacturer can implement the safety-related values in its applications in compliance with the latest standards. During this process, the SET sample library offers invaluable help for creating the safety function. After achieving the PL or SIL, a standard-compliant report is generated, which acts as a proof of documentation.

Uniform XML Data Format

The safety-related values differed in format & scope, and was entirely dependent on the manufacturer or the calculation tool in use. There was no uniform way to exchange data. The German Exchange Federation stepped in to solve this issue of incompatibly, bringing several manufacturers into the fold of a uniform electronic exchange format.

The VDMA specification 66413 on functional safety outlined this uniform format for safety-related values of components. The new data interface has simplified the process of maintaining documentation, especially when several different manufacturers are involved.

As the first tool of this kind, the Safety Evaluation Tool includes this standard data interface, and thereby gives user the capability to import safety-related values from other manufactures in XML format. This prevents any errors due to manual input. If required, it is possible to download Siemens safety-related values in XML format from the SET website.

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