Winery Connects with Meltric Switch-Rated Quality, Consistency and Style

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meltric (5).pngFounded in 1969, ZD Wines has a long history of producing world class Burgundy wines. Quality, consistency and style has been the key to success for ZD Wines as it has always strived to achieve top-quality through improvement in process.

Several decades ago, when the founders decided to construct and operate their facility, they both decided it should pack the same quality control program as that used by AeroJet-General, a rocket propulsion manufacturer. In effect, they transferred their expertise and state-of-the-art understanding to the fine art of wine making.

During designing, one of the key decisions they had to make was choosing the type of 220V 3-phase connections of their facility’s pumps, machinery and harvest equipment. Their choice was Meltric DECONTACTOR Series Switch-rated plugs and receptacles, owing to their outspoken quality and functionality.

Here is a brief overview of the features:

  • Switch-rated safety
  • Short circuit overload protection
  • Superior contact material
  • Innovative spring-loading technology
  • Operates in harshest of environments

decontactor-1.pngA winery is a damp environment, to say the least. All electrical connections are naturally vulnerable when operated in such an environment. Meltric’s DECONTRACTOR series devices have been manufactured with the utmost quality control, and offer a watertight plug, able to withstand such harsh conditions. Using only a single pushbutton, one can disconnect the entire connection in a safe manner, without the risk of creating arcs. Meltric plugs have been chosen by ZD Wines time and again, due to their quick disconnecting capabilities as well as low-maintenance design.

decontactor-2.pngDesign has been the prime reason as to why Meltric plugs have been so reliable. Cleverly engineered, the switch-rated plugs and receptacles allow safe make and break connections under full industrial load. The risk of overload and short-circuit are inherent in such connections, however Meltric’s isolating design eliminates any such happenings.

Similar to the materials used on motor contactors and switchgear, Meltric uses spring-loaded, butt-style contacts made out of silver-nickel alloy. The latter part is especially important, as it completely neutralizes the onset of corrosion keeping operations squeaky-clean and reliable over a long period of time. The butt-style contacts make sure that the connection is fastened in a proper manner while spring-loading brings in the quick-break capability the industry so longs for.

At the same time, Meltric plugs retain their simplicity. Locking out is a simple process that can be carried out by inserting a lock in an existing hole. OSHA standards have been followed at all times to make sure no worker is ever at risk of a shock or any other unfortunate accident.

Because of all these reasons, Meltric plugs and receptacles have been used extensively by ZD Wines for over 20 years and counting. “Tough, safe and maintenance free”, have been the words used to rightfully describe their operation by Norman deLeuze.


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