Mersen Whitepaper: Reducing Arc Energies with Current Limiting Fuses

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 17, 2017 1:24:20 PM

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Plasma didn’t make it to the list of types of matter until recently when the presence of the state and its countless uses became apparent. While plasma is a blessing for industries in the form of welding, cutting and lighting when used in a controlled manner, uncontrolled use can result in immediate and long-term damage to extensive power networks.

Distribution and transmission lines are hotbeds for faults within power systems, which can occur at any times due to their uncertain nature. An electric arc, which is a plasma discharge, is almost certain as a result of a fault that rattles the electrons within air, an insulator, forcing them to conduct current.

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In order to counter the unforeseeable issue linked with arcing, current limiting fuses were put into play to reduce both the magnitude and duration of the fault current. These fuses were designed under strict conditions, which according to UL, require clearance of fault within one half cycle. Such agility requires the fuse to burn and cut off current’s path in only 1/4th of a cycle. By doing so, it can prevent the current from using air as a medium for conduction, and thus halting the growth of the fault.


The importance of such quick actions can save the domestic and industrial consumers, and the power system as a whole from equipment-damaging surges, thermal and mechanical stress, voltage drops and finally downtimes. So in its essence, the inclusion of a current limiting fuse can act as a shield for the entire grid against streams of plasma trying to bring down vital national infrastructure.

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