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SINAMICS G120 & S120 Drives


A quick-paced modern factory environment requires equally intelligent and high-tech equipment to track, monitor, and control various automated tasks. Because of this, Siemens has developed a series of converters - SINAMICS G120 and S120 - to handle more complex applications. Below, we’ll walk through the specific functionality and uses of these devices as well as the additional safety features built-in to maintain factory security. While we’ll be discussing these specific converters, it is important to understand that the same functionality can be found across a wide range of industrial converters, so don’t worry if you’re not specifically using a Siemens device.


Both the SINAMICS G120 and S120 are converters designed to handle intricate, diverse factory requirements, but function in slightly different ways. Here are the distinctions:

SINAMICS G120: The G120 is a modular multi-functional frequency converter. This means it is able to handle a wide variety of diverse applications. Whether providing the functionality to pump, ventilate, and/or compress air or control highly dynamic conveyor systems and stacker cranes, the SINAMICS G120 has a plethora of applicable functions in a bustling, modern factory.

SINAMICS S120: The S120 is a flexible, modular drive system best suited for particularly demanding single-axis or multi-axis applications. It differs from the G120 in that it utilizes a servo converter. The S120 is used in a wide variety of applications including packing machines, tire assembly lines, and any number of continuous processes that require high speed and torque accuracy.

Safety Functionality

While both the SINAMICS G120 and S120 have different applications and service different processes, they each have inherent, built-in safety features. Within the devices, these are known as Safety Integrated Functions. Through the TIA Portal, users can download safety telegrams and configure various safety features. By selecting extended functions, operators can toggle a handful of additional safety features such as stop and brake functions as well as motion and position monitoring. More expansive and nuanced functionality can be enabled through customization within the TIA Portal. These enhanced safety parameters track and monitor your machinery and operations, further ensuring the highest quality of safety within your factory.

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