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Siemens SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module Demo

 Siemens SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module - acd

The 2019 Engineers' Choice Grand Award-winning Siemens SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module is a must-have accessory for interfacing with SINAMICS G120 variable frequency drives.  Using any mobile device, users can GSmartAccessTablet-300x180securely connect to the G120 WiFi server then have the ability to commission a G120 drive, edit parameters, run in HAND mode, and more.  The web server functionality eliminates the need to download additional software.

Highlights of SINAMICS G120 Smart Access

  • Easy and convenient access to the drive even in difficult-to-access locations
  • User-friendly operation thanks to its intuitive web interface and commissioning wizard
  • Full flexibility in working with iOS and Android devices and commonly used HTML5 capable web browsers such as Chrome, Internet Explorer (IE) and Safari
  • Built-in multi-colored LEDs provide users with simple communication status
  • Many security features included to limit/restrict operator access and control capabilities

The Smart Access Module can be attached to any SINAMICS CU230P-2 control unit, CU240E-2 control unit, G120C drive system, or G120X drive system.  It connects where the BOP and AOP drive operator panels typically reside.

Connect In Seconds

In seconds, the device generates a WiFi signal for users to connect to. Once the password is entered, the user can access the Smart Access Module interface through their device’s internet browser at “”.

Once the browser loads, users are presented with a plethora of relevant drive information.


Smart Access Module Homepage smart access module homepage

Across the top two sections, users can view the drive operation status and monitor active drive faults and alarms.

The main section of the Smart Access Module homepage is a six-tile layout that allows users to:

  • Perform a Quick Setup to commission the connected drive
  • Edit Drive Parameters
  • Jog the motor or run it in HAND mode
  • Monitor key live motor characteristics
  • View the diagnostic menu, including I/O status
  • Backup and Restore programs to the drive control unit

The bottom section gives users access to Siemens technical support and drive part numbers and firmware version information.

 In-App Capabilities Explained

To fully understand the capabilities of this device, we need to dive into the main section of the homepage further.



The commissioning tile will first ask users to either retain the drive settings or restore to factory defaults.  Then users are asked to complete basic drive parameters, such as line supply voltage, motor characteristics, I/O macros, minimum and maximum speeds, and ramp times.



The parameter tile provides access to the complete list of drive parameters and setpoints.  All parameters and their values are readable from the homepage.  In addition, editable parameters can be configured on the spot, all done wirelessly through a mobile device, tablet, or laptop.


Jog & Hand Mode

The jog and hand mode tile is perhaps the most impressive.  Users can take accept control of motor and then choose either JOG or HAND mode using the toggle switch on the screen.  In JOG mode, users can move the motor forward or reverse at the drive’s programmed jog speed.  In HAND mode, users can set a speed setpoint using a horizontal slider and send ON and OFF commands to the drive.  Users can even change the speed setpoint using the slider while the motor is already running in HAND mode.



The monitoring tile displays key motor characteristics live.  This includes parameters such as motor current, actual torque, actual speed, and motor temperature.



The diagnostics tile includes three subpages.  The first section presents the drive’s faults and alarms for monitoring, troubleshooting, and acknowledgement.  The second is the I/O status of the drive.  The final section is the drive status bits.


Backup and Restore

The backup and restore tile gives users the ability to backup drive parameters to the G120 Smart Access, restore drive parameters to the connected drive, download drive data as an XML file, and save parameters to the drive’s SD card and/or flash memory.

In summary, it is clear that there are many features of the Siemens SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module which can be used across the board for engineers, technicians, and even maintenance personnel.  It is very easy to use and is a powerful tool for any G120 drive application.

View our Demo of the SINAMICS G120 Smart Access Module

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