The Meltric DECONTACTOR Advantage

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 23, 2017 8:05:59 AM

decontactor 2.pngSafety, functionality and convenience. 

These are the three core elements which form the basis for Meltric’s DECONTACTOR Series plugs and receptacles. Their exclusive design embeds security within connections allowing safe make and break under full load, and controlled operation under overload and short-circuit conditions.

The DECONTACTOR Series are certified by UL & CSA for “motor circuit” and “branch circuit” switching operation, while also being approved as a “line of sight” switch.

Much of the smooth workings are owed to the dead-front construction and enclosed arc chambers, along with the use of superior materials that put the Series miles ahead of traditional “pin and sleeve” style contacts.

The long list of advantages of Meltric’s DECONTACTOR series may be summed up as follows:

Maximum User Safety

The simplest, most vital function of DECONTACTOR series plugs and switches is to ensure user safety and offer protection against all electrical hazards. The safety is inherent whenever users make or break connections. Doing so eliminates any potential exposure to live parts including the hazards of arcing. All components are top-grade and offer rugged protection for a long period of time against fault currents up to 100kA.


The DECONTACTOR series plugs and receptacles comply with NFPA 70E Article 130 requirements, and therefore do not require special training or understanding of the equipment.

With DECONTACTOR devices, making or breaking connections is categorized as a “Risk Category 0” operation, eliminating the need for PPE, which is usually required in vicinity of live parts. The need for voltage testing is also eliminated as visual verification of degeneration is provided when the plug is removed.

Finally, the simple-to-understand, dead-front construction allows mechanics to safely work with DECONTACTOR devices, without requiring special trained electrical personnel on site.

Cuts down Cost & Time

The simplicity of the entire design also means that the time required to install such equipment is cut down. The need for hardwiring during downtime, considerations of pre-wire requirements and delays due to improper phase rotation are all eliminated, leading to 50% reduced downtime.

DECONTACTOR series plugs and receptacles also reduce costs in a variety of ways. The improved safety means fewer accidents, injuries and related costs. The faster change-out time boosts profits that are lost through downtime and elimination of trained personnel onsite reduces overall running costs.

Robust construction means fewer maintenance check and a long operating life, meaning reduced replacement costs compared to what others have to offer.

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