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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 18, 2018 2:04:40 PM

Soft starters are essential pieces of equipment for motor control that are cost-effective and time-savers. Most are used for fan and pump controls, but some applications can be unique to a particular problem.  

Solcon’s DriveStart is an IGBT-based medium voltage soft starter designed for applications that have a higher starting torque requirement and need a low starting current. The soft starter is able to bring down costs related to operations thanks to its robust design. When compared to a medium voltage VFD, the starter is much more economical and provides the same number of features.

During operation, it optimizes the consumption of energy through integrated bypass design. In addition, it also increases the lifespan of connected equipment by allowing high rated motors to be started even on weak electrical networks.

DriveStart-open-door-viewSolcon’s DriveStart soft starter also features a number of advanced features to accommodate a number of uses. Some of these features include:

  • The mains starting current can be anywhere from 10–120% of the motor rated current
  • The starting torque can be as high as 160% of the motor’s rated torque
  • There is an internal synchronization system from the starter to mains and back
  • A built-in electronic potential current transformer measures the voltage/current through fiber optics
  • There are multi-start capabilities, along with soft start and stop

There are also several optional features including an integrated data logger for monitoring, diagnostics and troubleshooting and remote analysis for diagnostics and failures. Various models are available depending on the load requirements, with the highest rated one being up to 6.6kV, 500 Amps. You can also choose from models that transmit specific communication protocols for data logging purposes such as Modbus, Profibus, DeviceNet, and Anybus.  

The DriveStart can be used in many different applications, including pumps, ball mills, conveyor belts, compressors, and thrusters, making it a versatile motor control device.

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