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Wireless Sensor Networks: What You Need to Know

wireless (1).pngBanner Engineering packs a highly impressive wireless products portfolio for providing top connectivity to & from remote assets to central stations. The hardware is designed to withstand harsh conditions, therefore making it ideal for difficult-to-access locations.

Wireless I/O & Data Radios

Wireless I/O & Data Radios provide a convenient replacement for discrete, analog, serial, and ethernet signal wires. They require absolutely no setup software and are deployable within a short period of time.

  • Serial Data RadiosSerial data radios can extend the range of serial communications, that normally take place through wired networks. The Sure Cross MultiHop Serial Data Radios support both RS-232 & RS-485 protocols, based on user preference.
  • Ethernet Data RadiosThese Sure Cross MultiHop Ethernet Radios provide a wireless link for point-to-multipoint connections for industrial communication devices. No IP address configuration is required, while the auto-routing RF network makes sure network range is utilized to the maximum possible extent.
  • MultiHop Modbus I/O Data RadiosThese radios can be used to extend the range of Modbus or other serial communication networks. Each device can be used to act as a master, slave or repeater, and can perform RS485/RS232 based communication in a flexible manner.


Wireless Controllers

industrial-wireless-controller-dxm-series.img.pngBanner Engineering is actively involved in the ongoing Industrial IoT revolution and has released many products capable of supporting such technologies. The DXM Series Industrial Wireless Controller is a prime example of this.

The controller has been developed to facilitate ethernet connectivity to IoT applications. It features an inbuilt DX80 Gateway or a Data Radio, that allows Modbus communicative devices to be kept in the loop on a reliable network.

  • Available in 900MHz and 2.4GHz
  • Converts Modbus RTU to Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet IP
  • Features data logging & user alerts
  • Can be powered through line, solar panel or backup resource
  • Supports cellular connectivity through cell modem


Wireless Sensors, Lighting & Indicators

Banner Engineering possesses a wide portfolio of sensors, lighting & indicators that are driven through wireless communications. The obvious advantage of such devices is flexibility, reliability and cost-effectiveness.

Banner offers the following wireless sensors and illuminators:

  • QM42 Vibration & Temperature Sensor Series, for measuring RMS velocity & temperature of machines.
  • Q45 Wireless Sensor Series, for photoelectric control & monitoring needs.
  • Temperature & Humidity Sensor Series, for providing readings in hard-to-reach and environmentally challenging environments.
  • Wireless Ultrasonic Sensors, for monitoring of hard-to-reach places such as reservoirs, tanks, etc.
  • Tl70 Tower Lights, for clear & distinct illumination within a busy assembly line.

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