Safety in Mind with Meltric Decontactor

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Feb 20, 2018 9:35:22 AM

servo (1).pngThe Meltric Decontactor series of switch-rated plugs hold a high degree of competitive edge and offer a whole range of benefits that are almost non-existent or too minimal in conventional plugs & receptacles in the market.

Maximum Safety

Meltric has essentially combined the safety and functionality of a disconnect switch with the ease-of-use of a plug & receptacle. The Decontactor series is extremely safe and provides protection in overload & short-circuit conditions in addition to safely making/breaking connections.

The series features a dead-front construction and enclosed arc chambers that ensure proper disconnection of all live parts, well before the plug can be removed. This procedure helps to protect users from electrical hazards that commonly occur in the workplace such as short-circuits & arcing. Furthermore, the plugs & receptacles hold a cushion for overload protection as well, and have been tested with 50 opening/closing operations, performed at 600% full load motor ampacity.

Cost Savings

Improved safety can result in a significant decrease in accidents, injuries as well as the costs that accompany them. Faster change-out means production downtime can be limited, while plug & play simplicity improves the utilization of maintenance resources throughout the plant.

The Meltric Decontactor series’ switching-ratings and short-circuit ratings eliminate the need for expensive, space-consuming interlocks and auxiliary disconnects. All in all, the installation, operating and long-term equipment cost is significantly reduced.

Reliability and Durability

Meltric’s devices are fitted with silver-nickel, butt-style contacts, and patented spring-assisted terminals, the whole lot of which have been tested for trouble-free performance for over 6000 operations. Moreover, this statement is backed by best-in-class, 5-year warranty.

The use of spring-loaded butt style contacts over conventional pin & sleeve contacts, ensures design consistency over thousands of operations and retained contact pressure which is otherwise lost in the latter.

All components use within the Decontactor series are resistant to UV exposure, saline environments and against common chemical agents, guaranteeing their long-term availability.

Simplicity through Compliance

All Motor Control Centers (MCC's) and switchgear as well as plugs & receptacles used to connect welders, pumps and other portable equipment are covered by NFPA 70 Workplace Electrical Safety Standards. As so many of the plugs & receptacles in operation have accessible live parts, it can be hazardous for users to connect/disconnect under load. Therefore, users must go through time-consuming safety procedures to ensure compliance.

However, Meltric’s Decontactor series makes this a whole lot easier. Simply, pressing the pawl shuts down the circuit, de-energizing the equipment. The separated plug & receptacle provides visual proof that the equipment has been disconnected, and further operations can be carried out.

In essence, Decontactors allow workers to change-out motors or other electrical equipment without having to go through lengthy procedures such as voltage testing, hazard analysis and flash boundaries.

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