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Machine Co-Creativity & Augmented Design: Influencing the Modern Factory

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Artificial intelligence has paved the way for many breakthroughs and time-solving solutions in the modern working environment. Instead of analyzing thousands of data entries for an overarching pattern, AI can synthesize and organize that data into a coherent picture and adjust system processes to run more efficiently. But artificial intelligence’s capabilities don’t stop with purely technical feats. Below, we’ll explore the concepts of machine co-creativity and augmented design and discuss how artificial intelligence can influence your business in more creative ways, hopefully saving you time and money in the process.

Machine Co-Creativity

Machine co-creativity refers to AI’s ability to collaborate and assist in the creation of artistic endeavors. This is an important distinction as AI has not yet given machines the capability to author creative works purely on their own. In this way, machines act as a catalyst for human creativity. Below are just a few examples of the artistic areas where AI can aid humans:

  1. Art: There are already a handful of modern businesses utilizing AI to enhance, alter, or even create completely new works of art. For example, a Paris-based organization developed an algorithm to create works of art known as a generative adversarial network (GAN). Recently, this algorithm produced a work of art entitled, “The Portrait of Edmond de Belamy” that sold for over four hundred thousand dollars at auction, further illustrating the waves AI can make in creative spaces.
  2. Music: Sony’s Flow Machine and IBM’s Watson are now regular tools used by music producers in order to inform the creative process. These programs can do anything from generating sample tracks to analyzing massive amounts of data to relay thematically-relevant information.

Now while the growing power and capabilities of AI are impressive, how exactly can machine co-creativity help your business? The answer for most manufacturing-based businesses lies in augmented design.

Augmented Design

Augmented design is a subset of machine co-creativity that specifically focuses on utilizing artificial intelligence in conjunction with humans to enhance the design process. This symbiosis between humans and machines is already being used to great success in business. Greater collaboration with machines in the design process means that humans will learn just as artificial intelligence learns. This means quicker turnaround time on manufacturing processes and a more educated workforce that can focus on vital tasks. In this way, augmented design can help save your business time and money in the long run.

Machine co-creativity in action

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