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Cree Delivers New Brighter LED Bulbs to Market

cree (2).pngElectric Lighting is often taken for granted when it comes to the consumer sector, and a similar, less-amplified case is sometimes found on the industrial side. Light has a great effect on us as humans. Purely from the workers’ perspective, poor lighting can lead to problems such as headaches, fatigue, eye strain and stress.

The problems can intensify in case parameters such as glare aren’t taken into account and lead to safety & health issues. Studies have even suggested that having good lighting at workplace can lead to improved productivity and reduction in errors. The problem gets quite worse in the consumer market as contractors often go for cheap solutions which is something not viable in high-ceiling environments. This leads to lesser clarity and more eye-strain, leading to a greater temptation to shift towards energy-slurping high wattage incandescent bulbs.

Keeping into account such diverse issues, Cree has launched an expansion to its award-winning family of LED bulbs. The new high lumen directional LED bulbs have been designed & fabricated for environments with high ceilings. The new portfolio of LED lights is one of the brightest in the market, and of the highest quality ensuring clarity for all applications, residential & industrial.

Cree’s new portfolio emits more than twice as much light as typical LED flood lights, providing consumer with the right amount of light for routine chores.

cree-led-light-bulbs-sbr30-15050flfh-12de26-1-11-64_1000.jpgA glance over the features of the BR30 100W Soft White, BR30 100W Daylight and R20 75W Soft White replacement is as follows:

  • Designed specifically for high ceilings
  • Fully dimmable, smooth & silent
  • Energy Star Certified
  • Lasts more than 22 years/25000 hours
  • Backed by 10 years 100% satisfaction guarantee

Consumers have always faced an issue getting their hands on directional LEDs that meet their wattage requirements, but the expansion of Cree’s already impressive portfolio has put a rest to such issues. Consumers no longer have to feel the void created by incandescent bulbs, and can finally achieve the level of brightness they want. Furthermore, the product brings in a higher ROI due to its greater energy efficiency and extended lifetime.

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