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IIoT Project Planning

 The plethora of communication protocols and exhaustive list of security configurations make IIoT implementations a cumbersome task. However, a major challenge that organizations face is finding the starting point for their IIoT implementations.


In light of these difficulties, the Industrial Internet Consortium (IIC) has decided to form an IIC Resource Hub that will serve as an online interface to all organizations hoping to reap the reward of IIoT implementations. The decision taken at the annual Internet of Things Solutions World Conference, aims to build a central knowledge base as well as provide organizations with web-based tools such as IIoT Project Explorer to help them analyze and plan their projects.

The resource hub will contain IIC foundational documents, toolkits, testbed insights and standard-lists that will help enterprises across the spectrum. Both technical and business stakeholders will be able to reap the benefits of this resource.

This has been an extremely important development in the world of IIoT as today, project managers and system architects are heavily reliant on their own understanding and knowledge to implement these solutions. The advent of this knowledge base holds the potential of encouraging standard IIoT projects, facilitating the growth of a multi-billion-dollar industry.

There are three primary components of the Resource Hub:

  • IIC Body of Knowledge - these are resources that have been developed and published by industry gurus holding membership of IIC. The documents include white papers, insight reports, test bed overviews, etc. The content is interlinked so that viewers can easily see which vendors, System Integrators or end-clients are involved with these implementations.
  • IIoT Project Explorer - this is an AI-based online system that can be used for assessing an IoT project. It allows its users to form the solution’s scope and helps to align both business and technical stakeholders by incorporating quantitative methods and growth plans. The tool values user privacy and does not collect users’ responses or input data, discarding it as soon as the session expires, unless the user states otherwise.
  • Ecosystem Directory – a mapping of the internet of things’ ecosystem, it categorizes products, researchers and services so that interested parties can easily communicate with experts.

Owing to the success of this resource hub, the IIC has also launched the development of Explorer tools that will help with other problems such as in-depth security assessment, maturity modelling and interoperability difficulties.


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