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eWON - Cosy vs. Flexy

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An industrial router is a key tool to meet a modern factory’s connectivity and data collection needs. Through on-demand remote connectivity to PLCs, on-premise data monitoring, and data collection for IoT applications, industrial routers help streamline and condense your factory’s workflow into one finite place. However, there are different models of industrial routers depending on your business’ needs. Below, we’ll explore the distinctions between two industrial routers developed by eWON - COSY and FLEXY - and hopefully assist you in selecting which router works the best for your company.


A COSY industrial router offers several competitive advantages over other comparative routers. A COSY router provides your business with security without compromising convenience. Secure features optimize the device while requiring no prior knowledge of IT configuration or command line in order for implementation. Furthermore, the COSY comes with a desktop VPN client, a mobile VPN client, and a VPN cloud-service all free of charge. Together, these three components can mesh and work seamlessly to enhance connectivity. Finally, a COSY is not a one size fits all device. Whether you have a hard-wired Ethernet connection in your factory, need WiFi connectivity, or are installing in a remote site with limited service, there are multiple varieties of the COSY industrial router to fit your exact needs.


The FLEXY industrial router builds on the functionality offered by the COSY through additional tools for data acquisition and analysis. A major advantage of the FLEXY lies in its ability to easily gather data from PLCs, HMIs, sensors, instruments, and other devices. By tracking critical items, you can better understand and tune your machine for future releases. Furthermore, the FLEXY’s capability to create simple IIoT applications such as trigger emails, SMS, and custom alarms can reduce your response time and eliminate extraneous tasks. For example, a user can automate notifications for ordering spare parts, thereby increasing the aftermarket value of your machines. Finally, easily accessible dashboards allow users to convert data into actionable information. This gives FLEXY users the option to monitor and improve their overall equipment effectiveness (OEE).

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