Magswitch Multi Angle 1000 MagVise

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 20, 2017 1:57:37 PM

Magswitch’s revolutionary ferromagnetic technology has already revolutionized all industries that require a lot of heavy lifting. As Magswitch becomes a more adapted product, professional welders are gaining more interest in it, and demanding tools that can greatly cut-down time and improve workplace safety.

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Topics: Safety, Industrial Magnets

Explosion Proof Enclosures

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 19, 2017 11:37:40 AM

The importance of sturdy and robust enclosures in an industrial environment can’t be stressed enough. Enclosures make sure that your costly investments stay safe and sound, and continuity of operations is maintained at all times.

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Topics: Safety, Control Panels, Enclosures

Magswitch Hand Lifter 60-CE

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 13, 2017 3:33:30 PM

The Hand Lifter 60-CE is Magswitch’s take on cordless electric hand lifter hardware, giving users the ability to lift parts off of a burn table, and pick up steel pieces or fixtures within seconds. All of Magswitch’s products are based on its patented permanent magnets technology that allow it to instill efficiency and strength in every lifting process.

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Topics: Safety, Industrial Magnets

Overview of Magswitch Magdrill

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 8, 2017 8:11:35 AM

What would you prefer? Take your work piece to the drill or take your drill to the work piece? This is the main difference between conventional stationary drill presses and the Magswitch Magdrill. Designed with Magswitch’s patent-pending rotating magnet technology comprised of the lightest materials, the drill is capable of exceeding all previous workspace drilling technologies and provide you with quick and safe operation for all sorts of surfaces.

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Topics: Safety, Industrial Magnets

Winery Connects with Meltric Switch-Rated Quality, Consistency and Style

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 5, 2017 11:01:33 AM

Founded in 1969, ZD Wines has a long history of producing world class Burgundy wines. Quality, consistency and style has been the key to success for ZD Wines as it has always strived to achieve top-quality through improvement in process.

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Topics: Safety Devices & Software, Machine Safety, Safety

Leuze Electronic Packaging Solutions

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 18, 2017 12:55:02 PM

No manufacturing industry that relies on automation can turn a profit without using accurate and reliable sensory equipment. Leuze Electronic has been developing such technology for over 5 decades, and is therefore well-versed with the challenges present in an industrial environment.

Detecting Packs on a Conveyer

An extremely basic yet vital application, the primary challenge is detecting high shining surfaces and differentiating between various colors. Leuze’s Reference Reflective Scanner HRTR 46B/L.221-S12 solves these issues and adds surety to the entire packaging line.

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Topics: Machine Safety, Safety

Leuze Improves Work Safety in Sheltered Workshops

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 11, 2017 8:24:07 AM

Handicapped persons are often marginalized in industrial markets on a global scale. Whether it’s a white-collar job, or one that involves getting your hands dirty, people with disabilities are often prone to getting sidelined. The major reason behind this default ignorance policy is the work-safety concern that comes into play for such personnel.
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Topics: Machine Safety, Safety

Leuze Smart Camera Solves Bottle Inspection Challenge

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 7, 2017 11:36:47 AM

Bottle inspection may seem like a minuscule operation to many, but those who work in such industries know the importance of making sure quality is retained in every single unit. Before beverages can make their way to the consumer, they need to pass several vital exams to make sure they are free from any defect, such as torn labels, incorrect fill levels, etc.

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Topics: Machine Safety, Safety, Industry News

Keeping Machine Safety a Priority

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 4, 2017 9:38:23 AM

Machine safety is a concern for any small or big business. You want to keep your employees happy, healthy, and most importantly safe. Although, it can seem like the improvements you attempt to make to machine safety are only temporary and end up costing you time and money; today that's about to change.

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Topics: Machine Safety, Safety

The Consistent Features of Leuze Electronic Products

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 1, 2017 8:50:01 AM

Consistency has long been a sought-after feature in the industrial arena, primarily because a single product is installed in multiple locations. But things get even more complicated when an industry decides to procure several products from a particular electronics company. An entire engineers’ division would have to be set-apart for carrying out regular maintenance of each product in its own specified manner, resulting in unnecesarry use of money, time and manpower.

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Topics: RFID, Safety, Industry News

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