Would Your Facility Be Prepared for an Explosion?

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jun 26, 2017 2:06:42 PM

haewa enclosures.pngThe process oriented industries of today can no longer work on assumptions regarding their facility’s security apparatus. Reliability and security are top priorities for any manufacturing equipment in order to make sure timely achievement of milestones. The large-scale industries of today encompass dangerous dimensions such as energy, chemical and mining, which not only put the profits in jeopardy, but above all pose a risk to people and the environment.


For all these concerns, Häwa enclosures provide the perfect, care-free solution. The HEXe series have been designed by Hawa to protect equipment, personnel and the environment against any major malfunction.  The enclosures satisfy all the mandatory requirements and tests put forth by EN60079.

How do they work?

The enclosures are filled with ignition protection gas, and are sealed to maintain a specific pressure. In case of any malfunction, the explosive gas cannot penetrate inside the enclosure, remaining isolated on the outside. If required, the enclosure may be given a permanent supply of ignition protection gas.

A glance at the features of Häwa enclosures is as follows:

  • Protection class up to IP66/69K
  • Built for protection type Ex, p or pD pressurization
  • Ability to swap the door hinges without drilling
  • Suitable for aggressive environment, and can withstand all environmental elements
  • Support a wide range of accessories
  • Flexible for future modifications
  • Can be mounted on request

The enclosures are certified by an independent body, and follow the design that aligns with EC construction type examination number EPS 09. Therefore, at no instant do you need to worry about the safety of sensitive equipment or the chain reaction which may unfold due to any fault, essentially making your plant explosion-proof.

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