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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 29, 2018 1:26:47 PM

Industrial lighting has become a highly important topic of late as plant engineers realize the amount of parameters it influences, ranging from economic efficiency to ergonomics. Industrial lighting needs to be sturdy, efficient, and provide enough light to illuminate a plant floor without glare. Banner Engineering offers a light bar that does just that.

LED lights provide the ideal alternative to regular fluorescent lighting. Fluorescent lights are generally seen as energy efficient, but contain a highly toxic chemical that can make them difficult to dispose of when they stop working. LED lighting provides a higher energy efficiency without the toxic chemical in fluorescent lamps. LED lighting also doesn’t have a warm-up time after turning on, and can go to full brightness as soon as the switch is flipped.

Banner Engineering prides itself in providing high quality LED industrial lights that are brighter, more energy efficient, and last longer than fluorescent lighting. Banner’s WLB32 is an Industrial LED Light Bar provides even light output with zero glare glow. The light bar is suitable for a variety of environments and applications, from manufacturing lines to workstations, thanks to the advanced lighting technology used by the LED.

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Banner Engineering WLB32 Series

The WLB32 also has a 120 degrees beam angle, providing illumination exactly where it’s needed and when at the flip of a switch. The WLB32 light bar also features:

  • A high/low/off switch for different lighting situations
  • Metal housing and shatterproof window
  • High energy efficiency, resulting in overall cost savings
  • Simple installation with snap clips or  magnetic or angled brackets

In addition, models can also come with motion detection for when physical switches can’t be used and eye shields for blocking glare. If required, the light bars can be daisy-chained together for a continuous length. On top of this, each bar can be turned on/off and operated in high/low modes independently within the chain.  

Banner Engineering is a leading industrial LED light manufacturer, and the WLB32 is one of the top LED lighting fixtures offered. With a high/low/off switch, 120 degree beam angle, and simple installation available, the WLB32 offers top of the line lighting with a variety of practical features for the industrial workplace. This makes it the perfect solution to on/off industrial lighting.

The WLB32 light bar is available in both AC and DC models, with sizes including 285mm, 570mm, 850mm, and 1130mm.

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