Why Should You Use Automation Magnets?

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 26, 2018 1:17:41 PM

mag (2).pngMagswitch's disruptive technology is making headlines in the automation industry as it has broken the conventional monopoly of electromagnetic tools through an “On/Off” magnetic technology.

The new range of automation magnets operate with a simple 180-degree knob turn. Magswitch Technology uses the alignments of rare earth magnets with respect to each other for developing magnetic fields, that are then able to provide an ultra-lift that is not efficiently unachievable through electromagnetic technology.

Magswitch’s efficiency makes it a match for a wide range of applications, from lifting heavy materials to holding onto thin sheets of metal. When put head to head with the competition, Magswitch wins with flying colors as it is lightweight, reliable, efficient and doesn’t have any electric, overheating or size problems.

The elimination of electricity gives Magswitch an unsurpassed edge over conventional solutions as the ability to harness huge amount of energy, while keeping the apparatus portable is a feat on its own. Magswitch technology is implementable at all those places where electromagnets are currently in use.

Some examples include:

  • Welding & fabrication shops
  • Pipeline builders & repair
  • Shipbuilding & repair/refit
  • Maintenance yards
  • Military bases
  • Automobiles mechanics
  • Oil rigs
  • HVAC
  • Iron works & fabrication companies

8100450_MagVises_1000.jpgTalking about the automation industry in particular, Magswitch magnets can be used for reliable operation through robotics. It can be retro-fitted onto a robot arm or an assembly line, and activated through a simple actuator, rather than worrying about the trail of wiring that usually comes with electromagnets, as well as the associated risk. The effects of such an implementation would be truly disruptive as it would allow industries to delegate heavy lifting tasks to machines, while freeing their human workforce of petty surveillance tasks, due to the embedded reliability, efficiency and safety of Magswitch.

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