What Can Be Done with Anybus Wireless Solutions?

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Oct 20, 2017 8:52:24 AM

anybus (2).pngOverview of Anybus Wireless Solutions

Wireless solutions are being increasingly adopted in the industrial world due to the obvious benefit of mobility they bring to the table. Technologies such as Bluetooth and WLAN have made it easier to form connections with hard to reach appliances, while keeping the installation cost under check. Anybus wireless products provide performance, reliability and security that’s at par with wired solutions, enabling industries to instill a permanent factor of flexibility and move closer towards having an Industrial IoT based system.

WLAN is the most commonly used wireless standard, and is often implemented for data acquisition applications. The major benefit it provides is high throughput and robustness, both of which are necessary in an industrial environment.

In addition to WLAN, Bluetooth technology has also made inroads into the industrial market. In recent years, a new development has taken place, known as Bluetooth Low Energy Technology that saves power while keeping your devices interconnected, making it ideal for devices such as sensors. Anybus makes use of all these technologies to provide the best in class wireless solution for your system.

anybus-communicator-family.jpgWhat can be done with Anybus Wireless Solutions?

Anybus wireless solutions provide the perfect replacement for cable based industrial Ethernet connections.

Designed to cope with the harsh environment, the wireless solutions can be used for a variety of things, such as:

  • Point-point cable replacement for ethernet protocols, e.g. Modbus TCP, ProfiNet, EtherNet, etc.
  • Anybus Wireless solutions that include the Wireless Bridge and Wireless Bolt can act as clients and provide access points to other devices.
  • Anybus Wireless solutions provide total flexibility when it comes to monitoring & controlling your industrial assets. You can easily configure your machine through the wireless network. You can create a self-diagnostics app and integrate it within the system as well.
  • Anybus eliminates the need for expensive HMIs. Simply connecting to Anybus technology allows you to access internal webpages to configure the machine, a concept known as Bring Your Own Device (BYOD).
  • You may also reap the full set of benefits associated with Data Acquisition using Anybus technology. By connecting it to a cloud service, you may store data for analysis on a later time, or integrate it with a SCADA system.

Anybus Wireless Bridge

For System Integrators who are looking to establish a strong wireless connection in an industrial environment, Anybus Wireless Bridge can prove to be an excellent partner. The wireless bridge can be used either in pairs or as an access point with the capability to connect up to 7 clients.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Range of up to 400 meters
  • DIN-rail or wall-mounting
  • IP65 protection
  • Wireless communication through Bluetooth or WLAN
  • Supports ethernet or serial communication

Anybus Wireless Bolt

This product is best for machine builders who want to give their machines seamless access to their network. The device can be mounted onto a cabinet and connects using ethernet or serial interface.

The specifications are as follows:

  • Up to 100 meters of range
  • IP67 protection
  • Web based configuration available
  • Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy or WLAN connectivity
  • Communication through Ethernet, CAN or Serial

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