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The Weidmuller U-Remote is an industrial automation device required for robust, stable operations within large scale plants, irrespective of the field or industry-type. The Weidmuller U-Remote is available in two options, U-Remote IP20 and U-Remote IP67, both built around the same base of reference but for different signal volume.

Many people are unsure or skeptical of the importance or benefits of a remote I/O. In order to clear any misconceptions, here are five of the most Frequently Asked Questions.

#1 - Why Remote I/O at all?

Remote I/O units are designed for several purposes, of which the two most major ones are simplicity and interoperability.

For a PLC, a Remote I/O pathway seems as if it is a locally connected point. This increases flexibility and cuts down any cost that would’ve incurred due to the PLC’s requirements.

On top of this, a Remote I/O, irrespective of vendor is compatible with several platforms, therefore allowing the user to conjoin old and new machines through a single channel.

#2 – Remote I/O vs PLC?

PLCs have I/O points as well. So, why should one use Remote I/O at all? Here’s why:

  • Remote I/O is cost-effective when it comes to expansion.
  • Remote I/O is not locked for a single vendor’s devices.
  • Remote I/O have processing power of their own, significantly reducing the processing load off a PLC.

Remote I/O such as the Weidmuller U-Remote have a wide range of modules through which a PLC can be “offloaded” and kept only for the most critical tasks. Examples of modules include temperature monitors, counters, wireless interfaces, etc.

#3 – What kind of Compatibility does the U-Remote have to offer?   

The U-Remote is compatible with almost every single industrial platform:

  • EtherCAT
  • Modbus TCP
  • EtherNet/IP
  • DeviceNet
  • CANopen

Even if your desired protocol isn’t listed above, you can make use of Modbus for communication as every single device is at least compatible with this universal protocol.

#4 – What are the Top 5 Features the U-Remote has to offer?

  • Dual Isolated Power Feeds
  • 64 I/O slices with just one power supply.
  • Marking on each terminal, along with bi-color LEDs for faults.
  • Integrated Webserver and Micro-USB connection.
  • Modular design, i.e. hot swappable electronics, push-in terminals and single row wire entry points.

#5 – What are the Top 3 Advantages the U-Remote has to offer?

  • Time and space savings: The U-Remote offers push-in connections that take less than 50% time for installation and activation.
  • Portability and service efficiency: The U-Remote offers an integrated web-server that requires absolutely no software, and can be accessed directly through IP and port number.
  • Performance: The U-Remote offers 2x10A current connections that support 64 I/O, which is 3 times what the current competition has to offer in the market.

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