Weidmüller Releases IP20 and IP67 IO-Link Master Modules

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Nov 9, 2017 1:52:48 PM

weidmuller.pngIP20 & IP67 IO-Link Modules are the newest edition to Weidmüller’s already impressive product portfolio. The new master modules feature IEC 61131-9 open standard serial communication protocol for transferring data to/from sensors & actuators. As a result, Weidmüller has greatly enhanced the transparency of operations, all the way down to the sensor-actuator level, drastically improving machine uptime, and allowing diagnostics to be carried out more efficiently.

Weidmuller.jpgThe IP20 and IP67 IO-Link Master Modules pack an extremely simple yet intuitive user interface, where all configurations are handled through a web-based portal. This allows users to carry out all types of modifications and remote testing without going through any additional software. In addition, the modules also allow users to carry out simulation without the need of external controllers, allowing commissioning to be carried out swiftly.

The IP20 master module has a ramped-up power supply compared with other industry-available IO-Link modules, providing 500mA per IO-channel compared with 200mA, provided by other modules.

The IP67 master module has been designed for carrying out communication between sensors & actuators in the field and includes:

  • 4x type A ports
  • 4x type B ports

Each of these ports may be configured as input or output, whereas the type B ports can handle connections to actuators rated up to 2.0 Amps. Furthermore, users can notch up the current into the IO system to 16 Amps, reducing any additional wiring requirements.

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