Weidmuller CB4200 Series Supplementary Circuit Breakers Overview

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 1, 2019 9:07:00 AM

weidmuller-1Circuit breakers are necessary components of any electricity-driven network, protecting devices and machinery from damages due to overvoltage and/or overcurrent. There are several types of circuit breakers, however, with respect to the CB4200, we are concerned with the thermal-magnetic family.

Thermal-magnetic CBs are characterized by two switching mechanisms, namely an electromagnet and a bimetallic switch, with the latter serving as a means of handling over-currents. The Weidmuller CB4200 has the following major features:

  • Rating varying from 0.05 – 16 Amps
  • Availability in single and double pole configurations
  • Tease free design to prevent contact damage
  • Easy reset with pushbutton
  • UL 1077 recognized

The CB4200 can be mounted on 32mm or 35mm DIN-rail, making up for easy installation. The device has a trip-free design, essentially meaning that the breaker wouldn’t automatically reclose in case of a fault. Specific technical information can be referred from here.


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