U-Remote: Maximum Efficiency Automation for your Machines & Production Lines

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Apr 28, 2017 8:23:05 AM

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The Weidmuller U-Remote strives to achieve state-of-the-art technological breakthroughs for its clients and users. PLCs are a vital component of any automation industry, but long-gone are the days when PLCs alone were enough for maximizing efficiency within production lines. Associated equipment such as Remote I/O units have become an essential component for speed, power and accuracy.

The U-Remote is the perfect example of a Remote I/O as it allows all kinds of processes to be sped up, thanks to its highly compact build, intelligent processing capabilities and usability.

U-Remote is an industry leader in building compact enclosures, requiring no special cabinet space. U-Remote offers its full spectrum of functionality while taking up minimum amount of space so that you can utilize more area with higher priority devices.

Additionally, the U-Remote offers simpler connections with its unique, plug and play connections so that no time is wasted while positioning the ports. The remote I/O also eliminates the need to shut down the entire system before carrying out a diagnostic, which greatly increases productivity due to virtually no downtime.

In addition to its well-built enclosure and design, the U-Remote has top of the line hardware specs that greatly boost its ability to perform in all kinds of situations and assembly lines. For starters, the U-Remote has the highest connection density in the market (32 per module) all being fed by a 4 Amps supply. The unique separation pattern makes sure that the I/O paths never short-out. In fact, no power-feed modules are required at all as the unit can take care of all the energy requirements, effectively cutting down costs and time spent on consumption calculations.

The U-Remote significantly simplifies any planning activity, and by eliminating the need for any calculation alone, maximizes performance. How? U-Remote may be minimal but is structured by function. This means it requires fewer calculations and planning activities. This not only saves time, but it also reduces any major planning hazard due to human error. The U-Remote Configurator Software is the perfect tool for all planning jobs as it allows you to assemble the complete I/O system right from the DIN rail to the module switches.

One size fits all

The U-Remote is a leader in the world of electronics and control products where vendors have their OEM locked specifically for their own devices. U-Remote offers a wide range of compatibility, allowing you to coordinate between different solutions independent of any fieldbuses or protocols. With that being said, the U-Remote acts as a local I/O unit for any associated PLC, which means that the need of any sophisticated equipment to make the two compatible is eliminated.

Keeping up with latest remote technologies, the U-Remote has an integrated web-server that is a robust solution to monitoring, controlling and detecting any kind of fault within the equipment. Errors can be identified immediately, traced back to the Remote I/O via color coding and hot-swapped so that rectification can take place without putting the entire system at risk! This is the definition of efficiency, as an entire part of the automation system won’t be affected by the downfall of another.

Finally, the U-Remote offers an unprecedented level of flexibility and scalability. As the U-Remote contains processing power, it can offload a number of tasks off a PLC, allowing it to speed up any pending processes. Furthermore, the U-Remote it is scalable with the addition of modules such as temperature sensors, counters, and so on, effectively functioning as a sub-PLC, while packing the features of a Remote I/O!

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