Tremendous Benefits of a Remote Monitoring Solution

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 6, 2017 11:55:37 AM

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Eliminate daily challenges with remote monitoring.

Remote monitoring of a machine or process using eWON products can provide tremendous benefits in several different ways. First, any brand of PLC and/or HMI can be accessed remotely without the need to gain VPN access at the machine location. Second, the remote access eliminates the need for costly field service trips to make minor programming changes. This is a very compelling point for many customers. Next, machine builders will integrate an eWON unit in their control panel in order to expedite commissioning, provide quick troubleshooting support and sell extended warranty plans as an additional source of revenue. Finally, a remote machine or process (without internet access; such as a wastewater treatment plant) can be accomplished with the use of a cellular capable unit.

In addition to remote access products, eWON offers remote data products for applications such as preventative maintenance programs or remote HMIs.

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