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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Feb 26, 2018 10:35:36 AM

tia (2).pngThe TIA Portal is an unprecedented innovation in a world heading quickly towards automation, offering unrestricted access to Siemen’s range of automation services. The latest version of Siemens TIA is tailored perfectly for companies that have put Industry 4.0 on their radar.

The latest version of the TIA Portal looks introduces features that are essential for both, machine builders and system integrators, in order to maintain competence & competitiveness within the organization.

Shortened Time to Market

The ability to simulate machines can give a system integrator a greater sense of security and comfort, rather than dry running it after implementation. Thanks to PLCSIM Advanced within the TIA Portal, the entire installation (including the controller & HMI) can be simulated and evaluated, eliminating errors that would otherwise surface during implementation.

In addition, the TIA Portal allows creation of projects using software generators, reducing redundancy within workflows. The user is provided with an option to generate logic through HMI visualization rather than programming. This has been made possible through software generators, energy management systems and plant diagnostic systems linked with the TIA Portal Openness interface.

The Portal also makes use of a comprehensive library concept, through which the user can easily reuse all project objects, and avoid tangling up in redundant work. This isn’t beneficial only in the short-term, but aids in the long-run as well by safeguarding specialist knowledge and assists during further development of the system.

Greater Flexibility

TIA understands the importance of user management, as it greatly influences an organization’s security and resource overheads. User management in the TIA portal is carried out through system-wide, central coherence, with the availability of extension to Windows Active Directories as well. Person-specific assignment of roles & privileges is possible, thus providing a solid foundation for personalized administration of the infrastructure.  

Integration of higher level ERP/MES solutions can be greatly uncomplicated if open communication can be introduced at the automation & IT level. TIA Portal follows the globally standardized OPC UA protocol, letting you forward production data to systems of other manufacturers. Bidirectional communication can be carried out without the need for any programming work as well by engaging the Industrial Data-Bridge.

Increased Productivity

Using the TIA Portal, you can swiftly integrate all vital aspects of your automation projects such as control, safety, drives, HMI, and now even motion control & power distribution. Your engineering team’s productivity is raised greatly due to the shared database and a standardized interface.

The TIA Portal is truly smart, and helps you make the right decisions, quickly. Data can be prepared according to specific target groups with the SIMATIC Information Server, locally as well as on a mobile device when in the field. The system supports WinCC/WebUX as well as WebNavigator to ensure support for both remote access and control.

SIMATIC’s Energy Suite also comes integrated within the TIA Portal, and can help you get a thorough understanding of the energy costs, at all times. The suite follows ISO 50001, and provides a transparent way to cut down inefficiency.

Several diagnostic tools as well as cyclic system recordings are available to the user through which errors can be eliminated reliably, well before commissioning.

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