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Copy of scalance iwlan.pngThe convenience offered by Wireless Connections is the main reason for its quick adoption throughout the world in every sector, from communications to power. However, when we shift to the industrial setting, implementing wireless LAN solutions become particularly demanding, due to the complex topologies and harsh environment. Flexibility and efficiency are two of the most attractive features of a wireless connection, and failing to deliver these puts a question mark on their adoption.

Siemens’ WLAN solutions are specifically built to cope with the challenges faced by typical wireless connections in the industrial environment. They provide endless flexibility, and considerably increase the level of productivity within the plant. A brief overview of the advantages of Siemens’ WLAN solutions are:

  • Simple & cost-effective connections
  • Offers data transmission for outdoor areas
  • High rate of data transfer of up to 450 Mbps
  • Maximum security guaranteed
  • Built for ruggedness
  • Space-savvy installation

1406np_siemens.pngSiemens’ SCALANCE line of products deal with WLAN devices and infrastructure, offering communication solutions at various automation levels. The products & devices offered may be classified as:

  • Access points
  • Client modules
  • Controller-based network
  • Antennas & accessories
  • IWLAN RCoax cable

Access Points & Client Modules

Siemens SCALANCE product line offers several access points and client modules that seamlessly integrate with the current system, allowing quick and error-free flexible communication possible.

SCALANCE W760 Access point and W720 Client modules have much to offer, starting from their space-saving design that allows them to fit in almost anywhere without a problem. Both work at 2.4GHz or 5GHz frequency, transmitting data at rates as high as 150 Mbps. They can be integrated with SCALANCE’s antenna portfolio for boosted range.

Along the line are SCALANCE’s W770 and W730, which build up on these features and allow communication via PROFINET with the security of PROFIsafe. Data transmission can take place at a rate of 300 Mbps while the design is rugged and built for external, harsh conditions.


Managing a host of wireless networks from a single, central location is no longer a hassle, thanks to SCALANCE WLC711 IWLAN Controller. Simple configurable design, easy monitoring and understandable documentation makes strategic network monitoring a reality, while maintaining the flexibility of the wireless connections.

The controllers are built to reduce the commissioning overhead and operating costs through strategic control. Furthermore, they maintain the reliability of a wireless connection, allowing the user to use VoIP, video or internet access in a single wireless network.


One of the main reasons for the slow inclination towards industrial wireless networks is the issue of “range”. SCALANCE has an impressive antenna portfolio that essentially meets all industrial needs for boosting and expansion of the existing wireless range. From directional to omnidirectional antennas, SCALANCE has everything to offer, while considering the rugged atmosphere of an industrial plant.

  • Dual antennas: allow transmission of two data streams at the same time.
  • MIMO antennas: allow transmission of three data streams simultaneously through multi-path propagation.

A wide variety of radio-relay architectures await any interested party who wish to solve the problems of connectivity at long-distances.

RCoax Radiating Cable

The IWLAN RCoax cable is able to withstand extreme environments where conventional antennas would fail, and acts as an intelligent solution for ensuring reliable data transmission. The radiating cable can simply be routed along the path where communication is required, e.g. an overhead monorail conveyor. This allows implementation of wireless communication projects in all areas, especially those which are accessible physically but isolated electromagnetically.

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