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The Consistent Features of Leuze Electronic Products

leuze.pngConsistency has long been a sought-after feature in the industrial arena, primarily because a single product is installed in multiple locations. But things get even more complicated when an industry decides to procure several products from a particular electronics company. An entire engineers’ division would have to be set-apart for carrying out regular maintenance of each product in its own specified manner, resulting in unnecesarry use of money, time and manpower.

Known for their outstanding sensors, Leuze Electronic has established itself as a major player in the market with over 50 years of experience. The range of products varies from simple switching sensors to data transmission systems to image processing solutions. The devices operate on a variety of principles such as optically, through ultrasonic, on RFID, etc. One may think that each of their products would have an entirely separate set of specs and features, not even remotely interrelated, but that’s not true.


All products follow the “smarter product usability” principle that ensures effective performance in a consistent manner.

The consistent features include:

  • Easy Handling

Products that require mounting or alignment are given this tag. Leuze has developed technologies like the intelligent omnimount fastening concept as well as brightvision light spot that makes alignment simple and instant. These features can be found in most of Leuze Electronic hardware, and has a standard operating procedure.

  • Power Reserve

Even the most powerful of sensors is of no use if a speck of dirt can block its functionality, preventing it from operating. Leuze Electronic uses a number of powerful techniques to make sure that the device retains maximum function even in the harshest of industrial environments. This brings in greater flexibility and effectiveness to the table.

  • Availability Control

Soiled sensors can bring the entire system to a halt. Devices that carry out preemptive steps such as issuing warning messages are ideal for such situations, allowing operators to carry out remedial steps. Sensors are of prime importance in any automation industry, and any discontinuity in their operation can cost the company hours in productivity and profits. Leuze Electronic has smart warning issuing systems that gives system engineers enough time to run diagnostics and rectify errors.

  • Modularization

Each industry has its own specific requirement. Sometimes they overlap with others, while sometimes they are totally unique and one of a kind. Manufacturers can’t build products in advance for unique situations, of course. However, one way to get around this problem is by following a modular approach for all products. Leuze Electronic hardware is built exactly on this principle, allowing products to be retrofitted according to the application.

  • Connectivity

A sensor, irrespective of its minuscule operation must be able to relay real-time data to the server so associated steps may be taken instantly. But today, the industrial world is filled with a variety of interfaces and protocols, each one developed by a vendor for its own ease. However, Leuze Products sit in comfortably within a larger system by supporting most, if not all of the fieldbus protocols.

Due to their robustness, effectiveness and wide-usability, Leuze Products are installed in:

  • Conveyer systems
  • Automotive systems
  • Packaging industries
  • Machine tools
  • Robotics
  • Laboratory analysis
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