Temperature Monitoring: Are You Getting Accurate Data Recordings?

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Nov 7, 2017 11:39:56 AM

temp monitoring.pngTemperature is one of the major physical parameters that are monitored & regulated in a wide range of industries. The entire process of sensing, logging and analyzing it is mostly critical, and the maintenance of specific temperature ranges is vital to ensure proper operation. Temperature data is also an important indicator to determine the lifetime and health of equipment. Banner has effective solutions when it comes to monitoring & regulating temperatures, capable of registering even the slightest of fluctuations. Coupled with a wide & reliable portfolio of connectivity products, Banner can ensure that your temperature data is accurately recorded in the shortest time possible.

Minuscule Temperature Sensing

Component testing is a key part of tier one automotive world, and the presence of a single defective part can lead to disposal of the entire shipment. A real-world challenge in this industry involved an automotive client rejecting a supplier’s shipment because of faulty defroster grids. The supplier wasn’t able to detect the adverse effect produced by a broken heating wire.

hqdefault-1.jpgBanner solutions’ T-Gage M18T Series fits right into such situations, and is installed in rear window test equipment, verifying that each defrost wire heats to the required specification. The T-Gage M18T is capable of detecting infrared energy emitted by objects, sensing minute temperature differences (3 degrees Celsius) over a wide range. The sensor can provide both analog and discrete outputs and can provide information in real-time.

Predictive Maintenance

Almost every sector in the world is moving towards automated solutions that provide a quick & reliable way of predicting the end-life of motors & gearboxes. For instance, the cranes that move the shipping containers are exposed to unpredictable elements such as vibrations, temperature, rain, etc. leading to a sudden change in their lifetime. Dedicating manual resources to such equipment is too inefficient, and this is exactly why sensors have to be utilized.

Taking into account the remote nature of the job, Banner solutions proposes QM42VT wireless vibration and temperature sensor that allows timely monitoring of motors & gearboxes without going through the hassle of wiring. The best part about using this sensor is that it can be coupled with a TL70 tower light, which can automatically alert on-site workers to take action in case a component is about to fail. In this way, the port’s maintenance can be automated, and manual resources saved for more daunting & creative tasks.

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Thermal Power Plant

Thermal Power Plants may be controversial when it comes to generating electricity, but their staunch existence makes them a contender to sensory automation. Engineers operating these plants need to constantly monitor the valve temperatures to stay on top of the energy losses, so they can call in appropriate repair sessions.

The entire operation is time-sensitive and any inaccurate reading can lead to loss in revenue for the company and blackouts for consumers. Banner solutions provides highly effective & reliable wireless controller solutions that allow data to converge from multiple nodes, and transfer to a single SCADA system. This eliminates any chances of losing data due to human error or lack of connectivity. The DXM100 Wireless Controller is put to task, providing system integrators an easy way to bring in multiple devices within a loop, without worrying about their mobility & connectivity issues. 

Banner is moving in the right direction when it comes to offering temperature sensing solutions, whether it’s in the form of input sensors, connectivity products or indicators. These solutions can truly ease up a company’s finances by bringing in accurate information to the system in place, eliciting quicker & appropriate responses.

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