Talk2M: A Fundamental Aspect in Industrial IoT

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Sep 12, 2017 2:02:51 PM

Talk 2m.pngBuilt to supplement eWON Cosy VPN routers, Talk2M is the first industrial IoT connectivity service that offers cloud capabilities for location-independent operations. Over 100,000 eWON routers are already in service while over 70+ TB of data has been transferred over 8 million VPN connections.

Inclination towards IoT based technologies has been high. Industries want to migrate towards networked systems and reap maximum benefits of automation. The very first step towards creating such industrial infrastructure is bringing robust connectivity to the system. Since 2006, Talk2M has been in action and provide system integrators and OEMs with secure access to their machines.

Talk2M Cloud Server essentially sits between your onsite hardware and client-side system that wants remote access. It essentially provides a storage space to all the tags, variables and parameters of the industrial infrastructure, allowing users to remotely monitor, control and automate tasks.

Powerful Infrastructure

Talk2M is available in two flavors, Talk2M Free+ or Talk2MPro. The free version relies on several hosting partners and is suitable for less intensive tasks whereas the Pro version relies on Rackspace for hosting, and provides top level continuity to mission-critical projects.

Talk2M ensures continuity by employing 3 different hosting providers, distributing load to ensure maximum performance. In order to make sure that low latency is maintained, the nearest possible server is selected first. As Talk2M is available in almost 200 countries, the servers are spread in various regions including Europe, North America, China, India, South Africa, etc.

With this cloud service, you can:

  • Program and troubleshoot remote hardware such as PLCs
  • Monitor your installations by accessing HMIs, IP Cameras, PCs, etc.
  • Use smartphones and tablets to access web-based HMIs


Layered Security Approach

Security is a matter of great concern for system engineers, especially when the internet gets involved directly. eWON has a comprehensive security apparatus in place to make sure no unauthorized episode takes place at any time. Called “Defense in Depth Approach”, the mechanism preservers your information’s integrity and confidentiality.

Access control is maintained by:

  • Configuring groups of users and pools of eWON devices
  • Unique user login and customizable password policy
  • Two-factor authentication through mobile phone
  • User lockout limit
  • Digital input/key switch

Even after access to the server is granted, an audit trail is maintained keeping track of:

  • Who has connected
  • When the device has connected
  • For how long does the connection remain open

Furthermore, an end-to-end tunnel using SSL-TLS protocol is used for communications, while four firewall levels allow customizable flow of traffic.

Data Collection

Along with remote access, Talk2M also provides data services that include data collection and alarm management, both of which allow implementation of IoT in its true essence. Three applications that allow you to perform these tasks include:

  • DataMailBox: this application buffers historical data collected over time, keeping it in sync at all times.
  • M2Web Portal: this makes use of Web APIs to pull instantaneous values off your devices, suitable for mobile applications.
  • ESync Data Connector: this allows the data and alarms to be pushed to your own server as they are collected.

Talk2M is the complete package, and plays a vital role in automating your industrial system, keeping you and your devices together.

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