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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 16, 2018 11:36:05 AM

It's important to make sure motors can function properly, and electronic brakes are one method that keeps them working smoothly. The Solbrake, a DC Injection Brake by Solcon, is capable of bringing three-phase AC motors to a smooth stop through the controlled transmission of DC current into the motor’s windings. After the AC current has been cut off, the DC current injected into the motor’s windings builds up a stationary magnetic field that provides braking torque.

Solcon’s Solbrake serves as a fitting replacement for older, electro-mechanical braking systems that use regenerative or reverse braking. The swift, smooth, and frictionless braking mechanism makes the Solbrake ideal for applications such as circular saws, large flywheels, safety brakes, and high inertial loads.


Top features of the DC Injection Brake include:

  • Greatly reduced stopping time for heavy-duty loads
  • Adjustable braking time
  • Simple installation and operation
  • Automatic stop to limit motor heat
  • Minimal wear and tear of mechanical parts due to fluidity in operation
  • Adjustable braking torque to match stop time and load size

The user can customize several of the brake’s settings so that the motor’s operating sequence is fulfilled. First, the braking torque can be adjusted so that the DC current injected into the motor’s windings can be increased or decreased. Next, the user can select from two operation modes. The first mode, “Auto”, ends DC injection as the motor stops while the second mode, “Manual”, cuts off the DC supply after a set time has elapsed. Both of these settings’ adjustability allows the brake’s operation to be flexible for a variety of applications.

The models available vary from 10 to 390 Amps or 230 to 690 volts. In addition, there are a few options such as conformal coating and 30-second braking time available in specific models that the user can select from.  

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