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Three-phase AC induction motors have become a norm in almost every industry due to their wide number of applications. However, directly connecting them to the power source is not an option due to their unique starting characteristics. A direct start can cause a huge surge current to flow into the motoralmost 6 times its rated capacity. This can put strain on the supply lines as well as the motor’s internal structure.

In order to eliminate this problem, several methods have been created throughout the yearssome involving autotransformers, some reactors, and so on. Modern electrical and electronics components have produced a comprehensive solution to all kinds of motor-starting problems known as soft starters.

At a glance, soft-starters offer the following:

  • Reduced starting current, eliminating voltage dips
  • Smoother acceleration of load, reducing product damage significantly
  • Extended lifetime of mechanical components like gearboxes
  • Extended motor life
  • Reduced overall maintenance costs

SOLCON USA provides excellent medium voltage soft starters that provide an ideal solution for all medium voltage motor applications so that all sophisticated control operations are performed smoothly, efficiently and safely.

The HRVS-DN is a medium voltage soft starter and is a complete package including in-line contactor, bypass contactor, disconnect switch, sitting perfectly into any custom switchgear. Applicable for pumps, hydraulic systems, fans and blowers, conveyers and compressor, the Soft Starter kit packs the following features:

  • Wide range operation 2300 – 15000 Volts up to 48MW
  • Three N/O relays with auxiliary contacts that change state upon start signal, providing protection and control at the same time
  • Programmable fault relays that change state upon fault or fail-safe conditions
  • 50-degree Centigrade ambient rating
  • Starting capacity of 400% of FLC for 30 seconds
  • Maintains protection when bypass is closed
  • User friendly simple installation
  • IP31-65 EX compliant enclosures
  • Innovative low voltage test modules
  • Advanced electronic potential transformer
  • Sustains frequency variations of 45 – 65Hz while starting

These features may be associated with any typical medium voltage range soft starter, so Solcon has embedded advanced built-in functions that are hard to counter in the market. The analog output is programmable as 0 – 10VDC, 4-20mA or 0-20mA. Additonally, the starter can perform a motor insulation test, especially useful for pumps installed in harsh environments.

Special Tacho Feedback Circuitry can provide valuable information regarding a motor’s health while a relay PCB provides a user-friendly way to start the application from a cabinet-installed MVD.

When it comes to communication, Solcon has left no stone unturned in providing the most interoperable interface. Modbus RTU, Profibus DP and DeviceNet are three of the most common communication protocols, all inbuilt and supported by the HRVS-DN. 

Solcon has certifications obtained from top international regulatory bodies such as IEC, IEEE, NEMA, UL/CUL and DIN VDE. Overall, Solcon’s soft starters have the ability to improve an industry’s efficiency, robustness, safety.

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