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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 13, 2018 11:22:49 AM

As cost-effective and time-saving devices, soft starters are essential pieces of equipment for motor control. Most are used in plants with older motors and fan or pump controls, but some applications can be unique to a specific problem.  

Dubbed Solcon’s most advanced soft starter, the iStart is an advanced low voltage soft starter rated at 17–1100 Amps, 208–690 Volts. It is designed to provide optimal performance during motor starts and stops so that top-tier performance can be guaranteed for all connected appliances.

Solcon_iStart-A-230x364The Soft Starter comes with many features to allow for flexible application. These features include:

  • A multi-language operating system and interface
  • Multiple thermistor inputs
  • Auto tracking for frequencies of 45 to 65 Hz
  • USB interface for updating the software
  • Leveled setup menus for different levels of expertise
  • Control voltage for 110-220 V AC/DC available in different sizes

On top of its wide range of settings and flexible features, the iStart also has several functions for a variety of uses, including:

  • Acceleration control
  • Six adjustable curves for generators, pumps, and other appliances
  • Current limit start
  • Soft stop

Solcon’s iStart is on par with advancements in the field of communications, providing Modbus, Profibus, and Devicenet options to the user for greater control. It also has a built-in, real-time event and trip log that maintains records of current, voltage, and other essential criteria. As a protective device, the soft starter also shields against a number of harmful situations including under voltage/current, phase sequence shifts, overload classes (IEC, NEMA), phase loss, excessive starting time, and many others.

In order to ensure maximum efficiency, the iStart is available in multiple models. The various models available are dependent on specific parameters including rated current, mains and control voltage, and optional features. Thus, Systems Integrators and Design Engineers can choose the one that fits their requirements.

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