Simply Safe: Network Integration via PROFIsafe/PROFINET

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 1, 2018 1:20:44 PM

profThe RSL 400 is an outstanding laser scanner from Leuze Electronic, and is underlined by its wide scanning range, reliable operation and robust build. Featuring operating ranges up to 8.25 meters, scanning angle of 270 degrees and ability to track four protective fields simultaneously makes it a perfect one-in-all replacement for multiple scanners.

rsl400-shine-forThe scanner is especially strong when it comes to connectivity, offering integration via PROFINET. This makes it resourceful in applications that require switching between different protective & warning field configurations. In addition to safe communications, this integration interface allows diagnostics to be controlled via central access points.



Standard M12 connection technology or AIDA-compliant interfaces are used for communication that makes integration quick & reliable.

A highlight of the network integration via PROFINET is as follows:

  • Integrated 2-port switch offering usability in star, line & ring topologies
  • Isochronous real time communication and PROFINET conformance Class C supported
  • Parallel access minimizes any risk to the integrity of the PLC

In addition to sporting highly reliable & effective software capabilities, the scanner intelligently solves common connection problems such as network interruption by offering a removable connection unit, while lateral cable entries and M12 connectors ensure the installation height remains minimum.

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