Simotics VSD4000 with Sinamics S120

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Apr 5, 2018 11:51:13 AM

simotic.pngSiemens has always distinguished itself from the competition by providing solutions rather than products and it has done so once again with an addition to its Integrated Drive Systems (IDS) portfolio with a new drive series based synchronous-reluctance technology. The motor technology has an extremely high-efficiency and is integrated with a cutting-edge converter, both specifically harmonized to facilitate a cost-effective operation.

The two main components of this Integrated Drive System are:

Simotics VSD4000 Motor

The Simotics VSD4000 belongs to a family of motors that have a well-set record and are known for their performance, quality and efficiency. The VSD4000 line series motor in particular has the following features:

  • Optimized for converter operation
  • Air-cooled enclosed version
  • Wide power range from 0.55-30kW at 50Hz
  • Lightweight aluminum or Rugged cast-iron housing available
  • IP55 degree of protection

Most importantly, the motor’s design has been optimized for use with converters such as the Sinamics S120, thus providing a tailored solution for variable-speed applications.

Sinamics S120 Controller

The S120 modular motion control drives are designed for use in high-performance applications, and provide top-of-the-line reliability, efficiency and precision. The controller addresses demanding applications in plants, offering AC/AC single-motor drives and coordinated AC/DC drives for multi-axis applications.

The controller has been designed in a modular manner, from the control unit to the power modules. This allows easy upgrades, diagnosis and performance evaluation. In addition, the drive is compatible with a web-server that provides cataloguing capabilities, and analysis based on the diagnostics & maintenance carried out.  

Synergizing the two

Finding optimum computability between two components is a tedious task, especially in a market where each product offers a unique feature. Siemens has made it easier for system engineers to devise their choice with synchronous-reluctance technology that has been coordinated with Sinamics converters, thus creating a perfect integrated drive system solution.

Compared to solutions where induction motors are used for such functionality, the synchronous-reluctance technology is miles ahead, especially in areas where partial load ranges need to be controlled, ensuring dynamic performance across the board.

  • The drive system possesses the highest efficiency with the IES2 class
  • Precise control is guaranteed along with minimum operating cost
  • A lower moment of inertia means higher dynamic performance and shorter acceleration times

Currently, the synergistic match is available in the power range from 0.55 – 30 kW, however as the demand for bigger IDS solutions increase, Siemens will be back with another well-tuned motor-controller set.  

Interested in learning more about the Sinamics S210 & Simotics S-1FK2 Servodrive System?

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