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Technology Advances Exponentially

Technology and the engineer are life partners.  Engineers earn their bread and butter out of technology. At the same time, the engineering profession, along with the scientists develops technology further.  But technology is developing at exponential rates. In simple terms, it means that the rate of advancement is also increasing at an ever-increasing rate!

Are You Keeping Pace?

Where this is good news for the engineering profession, it outlines a challenge also. The engineer, young or old, novice or experienced, must keep in phase. If you know as much technology as you did today, you are surely lagging behind. Very soon, you will be outdated.

Of course, it is not your fault. You are very busy utilizing what you know.  Your job does not permit you to go back to the university and earn a fresh degree or diploma. That is virtually out of the question.

So, what is the solution?

Continued Professional Education

The solution is what all professional bodies all over the world are advocating. Continued professional development courses. They bring you up to date in the depth and breadth of technology related to your profession.

How to Select a Course

These course cost, and some cost heavily. They also take precious time. It is important to ensure before enrolling into a course to make sure your get value for your money, or even more. Here are a few things you should look for:

  • Depth- The course should give you depth in your own field, bring you close to the leading edge.
  • Variety- The course must also give you variety in expertise centered on your specialty. There really is no single-specialty job today.
  • Providers- The course providers must be well-known and experienced in the field of interest.
  • Level - Are you fit absorb the material in that course. Will it enhance your knowledge and skill?
  • Duration and Time Commitment- How long will the course run? Can you devote the hours it demands?
  • Recognition- Is the course well-recognized among the relevant professional bodies?
  • Cost- The cost is always an important factor to consider.
  • Online vs. Traditional Methods- Online courses give you a lot flexibility. You could be in any part of the world, or even travelling. Often, they allow a self-adjusted pace so that time constraint does not matter too much.

Siemens’ SITRAIN

The SITRAIN program by Siemens is a well-established, well-known and trusted program with courses on multiple areas related to electrical machines, power and energy, and various others. Their online catalog lists a range of courses which can keep electrical and HVAC engineers up to date with current technologies in their field. Some of the areas covered are Electrical Maintenance & Safety, Drives & Motion, Power Systems & SIMOCODE Courses, Process Analyzers, and Process instrumentation. The catalog gives details of how you can benefit from these courses and other facilities, eg, the video library, and especially, the Siemens technology platforms.

Download the SITRAIN Catalog



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