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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 17, 2017 8:40:48 AM

siemens sirius.pngThere are a hundred different types of industries around the world, each with thousands of types of varying applications. Some require fast operation, others require instant assembly while others want top-notch resilience. Meeting all these standards in one package is a daunting task, however Siemens has managed to overcome this with its Sirius Innovations Controls.

The Sirius Innovations Industrial Controls are designed in a modular form to support a host of applications and be of use in all kinds of problems. They may be used in:

  • Short-circuit protection
  • Motor protection
  • System protection
  • Transformer protection
  • Use in IT systems
  • Hazardous areas

The Controls have been built to serve specific requirements of every application. Sirius Innovations Controls can facilitate perfect application control and greatly benefit an industrial environment. For starters, it can improve the availability of the system, and bring in investment protection with integrated application monitoring. This results in higher operational reliability throughout the system’s lifetime. Through the application of soft starters, the Controls can reduce peak load requirements by 60% and intrinsic power loss by 92%.

When it comes to mounting, the entire process can be carried out in a fast and fault-free manner. No tools are required while wiring requirements are reduced by 75% thanks to the spring-loaded design. The plug-on function modules ensure fault-free direct on-line, reversing and star-delta circuits while integrated functionality saves space in an already compact industrial environment.

The ACD Test Bench

Still, customer requirements can vary a great deal and some may find it daunting to install the controls without proper guidance. Therefore, Advanced Controls & Distribution offers a demo unit that will jumpstart you into the ins and outs of the Sirius Industrial Controls. 

Interested in learning more about the Sirius Innovations Industrial Controls? Request a demo unit today!

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