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Simatic HMI Panels have been at the forefront of industrial monitoring and control for years, and are known for their effective and robust nature. Not only do they feature an innovative design, but their high performance makes them applicable throughout all sectors of market. Backed by Simatic WinCC, the panels are a rock-solid component in any industrial workplace.

The HMI Panels are intuitively configurable though the TIA Portal and follow an identical design. This makes them scalable for all kinds of applications. Simply choosing the display size for the desired application and altering a few other details can get your project kickstarted. Same goes for software, which is as scalable as you want it to be. Simatic products value long-term investment, and provide easy migration techniques to keep programs in-line with the latest technology.

The Simatic HMI panel family includes:

  • Simatic HMI Comfort Panels
  • Simatic HMI Basic Panels
  • Simatic HMI Mobile Panels
  • Simatic HMI Key Panels

comfort-panels-4-inch-devices-800.jpgSimatic HMI Comfort Panels are designed to be implemented in applications that are visually demanding and require rich functionalities. All Simatic HMI Comfort Panels offer high-end functionalities that feature wide-screen displays ranging from 4” to 22”. 

High-resolution displays

Simatic Comfort Panels pack up to 40% more visualization space and follow a wide-screen format that allow complex operation screens to be designed and implemented. The high-resolution screens support 16 million colors, and have a reading angle of 170 degrees. Such features make sure that the performance is never effected by readability of the screen.

Innovative GUI

A brand-new, innovative Graphical User Interface opens up new avenues of machine operation and monitoring both in terms of visual quality and slick performance.

Integrated high-end functionality

Simatic HMI Comfort Panels aren’t only good with visuals, they’re great at performance as well. Irrespective of the display size, the Comfort Panel devices offer VB scripts, archives and various other viewers to provide ease of access to the user. In addition, there’s a system diagnostics information that can read out all issues with the device right to the HMI; something that was previously possible only through an external device.

Efficient Energy Management

Using the standardized PROFIenergy protocol, the panels support disconnection of redundant loads as well as monitoring of energy values. This allows the Comfort Panels to be disconnected to conserve energy.

However, in the event of a power failure, the panels store enough energy to properly terminate all ongoing processes and backup necessary data. This eliminates the need for any backup and brings down costs that would otherwise be spent on batteries.

Suitable for Harsh Environments

HMI Comfort Panels have been designed to be used in a wide variety of conditions. From 7” upward, the devices are equipped with an aluminum front, and have been approved for use in explosive areas.

Easy Project Transfer

HMI projects can easily be ported to the panels through standard cables using he PROFINET/Ethernet protocol. No special cable is required. Device settings can be made during configuration, while the project data and settings are stored to the system card. This system card may then be used to commission other panels with similar software.

The Simatic KP400 Comfort is part of the Comfort Panel family and offers high-end visual performance in places that can’t be run without mechanical keys.

The KP400 Comfort Panel packs the following specifications:

  • 4” touch + keys
  • Widescreen TFT, 16 million colors and LED backlight
  • 480x272 resolution
  • Touch screen plus membrane pad function as control elements
  • 4MBs of usable memory
  • Configurable through WinCC Comfort V11+

Apart from these technical differences, the KP400 Comfort Panel packs all the functions and features stated above, making it an excellent choice for performance dependent monitoring and control in an environment with limited space.

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