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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on May 15, 2018 9:01:54 AM

simatic (1)Monitoring and control equipment for operators is a necessity whenever machinery and plants need to be controlled. The challenge faced by system integrators is not limitation in terms of variety, but finding a solution that’s long-lasting and flexible according to changing needs.

Simatic HMI Panels have proven their value in almost all applications throughout the industrial sector. Their diversified portfolio demonstrates their ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of all types of customers. Siemens has made a recent addition to its Simatic portfolio with the IP65-protected HMI Comfort Panels PRO, for visualization and automation without control cabinets.



The new panels area available in 12, 15, 19 and 22-inch diagonals, and feature high performance and integrated interfaces. This provides the greatest possible convenience for high-end applications such as those dealing with machines and visualizations.

The installation flexibility offered by the panels is simply unmatched, allowing the HMI to be connected directly on the machine through special adapters, supporting foot or a bracket system. This allows the user to have the perfect view at all times, and keep a close eye if any intervention is required.

Examples of components that can be installed on the PRO devices include installation adapter, optional keyboard, and keyboard trays. This allows the HMI Panels to be customized according to the user’s demand, providing a simple yet detailed display and hold of operations.

The new Simatic HMI Comfort Panels PRO have been embedded with a number of features, providing the following benefits:

  • Value: The HMI Comfort Panel PRO allows easy transition to be made from an older device to a new one, and is always in a “ready to work” state, through features such as standard plugs, externally installed USB interface, space-saving design, and low installation overhead.
  • Configurable: The connection and wiring are simplified through PROFINET and PROFIsafe protocols, while the operation as a whole is supported by a variety of mounting options, e.g. outside the enclosure, on a support arm, or a pedestal.
  • Reliability: The Comfort Panels PRO are highly reliable, thanks to IP65 protection and a rugged build that keeps the devices running long-term.
  • Modern Build: The panels sport a modern design, with a sleek housing and a glass front. It can be operated using gestures or using multiple touch points on the panel.

The Simatic HMI Comfort Panels PRO are distinguished by their diagonal screen size, and are available in the following models:

  1. TP1200 Comfort PRO – 12 inch
  2. TP1500 Comfort PRO – 15 inch
  3. TP1900 Comfort PRO – 19 inch
  4. TP2200 Comfort PRO – 22 inch

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