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Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 23, 2017 9:48:50 AM

siemens s7300.pngThe Siemens SIMATIC line of controllers consists of an impressive portfolio, designed for a wide range of automation requirements. The SIMATIC range is built of basic, advanced, distributed and software controllers that offer scalability according to the situation. Their integration with Siemen’s Totally Integrated Automation (TIA) Portal only adds to the ease through which automation solutions can be developed.

The SIMATIC S7-300 universal controller has a modular design, and it fits multiple applications through upgrading of modules.

The range of modules includes:

  • CPUs for varying performance requirements
  • Signal modules for digital or analog I/Os
  • Function modules for distinct technological functions
  • Communication processors for onboard network processing
  • Load power supply modules as per needs

All S7-300 controllers are contained within IP20 rated housings, and are completely operable without fans. Inter-communication is one of the cornerstones of SIMATIC technology, and therefore networking of several S7-300s is widely supported through PROFIBUS cables.

The SIMATIC S7-300 packs the following features:

Efficient Engineering

Seamless integration of SIMATIC controllers instills coherence and consistency within the system. This makes up for uniform operating philosophy and use of universal functions easily.

Reliable Diagnostics

The integrated system diagnostics cuts down any commissioning times. Faults are displayed within the web-server as well as the HMI for easy and timely rectification.

Innovative Design

The modular design allows expansion in capabilities at short-notice and without the need for altering the entire infrastructure.

Technology Integrated

Sophisticated functions such as those that involve counting and measuring tasks, motion control, etc. are available within SIMATIC’s technology CPUs.

Security & Safety

Siemens understands the worth of their client’s information and therefore have in place a comprehensive safe-guarding system against copying and manipulation of sensitive data.

The SIMATIC S7-300 is available in three versions, normal, F and Outdoor. The normal one is well-suited for low to mid-range performance and carries out all tasks expected of it. The S7-300F has been designed for failsafe automation systems with fail-safe modules, where reliability is of paramount importance. Finally, the S7-300 Outdoor, which is best for handling outdoor environmental conditions. The controller is built with extended mechanical shielding and ideal for use in mining, chemical, oil and gas, etc.

The ACD Test Bench

Customer requirements can vary a great deal and some may find it challenging to install products without proper guidance. Therefore, Advanced Controls & Distribution offers a demo unit that will jumpstart you into the ins and outs of the SIMATIC S7-300.

Interested in learning more about the SIMATIC S7-300? Request a demo unit today!

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