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Siemens RFID Solutions: Part 2

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This post is a continuation from Siemens RFID Solutions: Part 1

One of the major concerns of every user is the operation under abnormal conditions. SIMATIC RF systems tackle this through powerful read/write devices that sport rugged designs for unscathed transmission of data from the mobile storage units to the PLC/PC/etc. In addition, the RF units’ strength doesn’t come from its high level of data integrity but protection against ambient conditions such as shock, presence of liquid or other contaminations.

SIMATIC RF systems doesn’t back away from any heavy-duty tasks and are scalable for all kinds of problems. Some of the most common tasks SIMATIC systems perform on a regular basis include:

  • Main assembly lines in automotive industries
  • Production lines for gearboxes, engines, etc.
  • Assembly lines for electrical and electronic appliances
  • Conveyer systems for aerospace industries
  • Production lines in the ceramic and glass industry
  • Luggage transport system
  • Container or vessel identification
  • Parts identification in warehouses

It is quite evident that the need for RFID is unavoidable and it has already found its way into many industries, reducing human interaction as well as neutralizing the possibility of errors that can cost millions.

SIMATIC RF systems has several products with various specifications to offer.

SIMATIC RF300 – this is a 13.56 MHz RFID system. Compact, yet powerful - the RF300 is great for a multitude of problems, from tracking to asset management. The RF300 features high-speed data acquisition enabling reduced cycle times and high-performance in terms of handling speed, volume and carrying out diagnostics.

SIMATIC RF1000 – this is a 13.56 MHz, USB 2.0 interfaced RFID solution for the major leagues. The USB reader is Siemens answer to the growing demand for traceability and security to allow for regulation and efficient documentation. The RF1000 offers simple integration with HMI devices and control of access rights based on “employee ID card”, and much more.

Transponders – every RFID system requires a robust transponder for fulfilling its specific needs. Technical specs like range of operation, tolerance to harshness and transfer speeds hold imperative value. Siemens has a range of transponders, fit for a variety of tasks, adaptable at any stage.

  • HF Range Transponders
  • UHF Range Transponders

Communication Modules – a communication module is necessary for providing a proper gateway to the other end, where you may have a PC, a PLC or any other controller for data processing. By using a communication module, the readers of all RFID systems would be standardized, removing ambiguity or redundancy of any sort.

Being an industry leader in the world of automation, Siemens is constantly improving its products so that global manufacturers and logistics providers would always have greater productivity, reliability and durability.

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