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Siemens RFID Solutions: Part 1

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The invention of the Barcode provided the world with a much-needed identification technique and kicked-off a new wave of automation that continues till this very day. But this wasn’t enough in terms of innovation and efficiency. The widespread use and deep research carried out on the electromagnetic spectrum produced another identification technique: Radio Frequency Indentification (RFID).

RFID is one of the most commendable marvels of science. It is a technology that has brought automation to its very peak, and greatly removed the need for constant human monitoring. From improving logistics to boosting throughput of manufacturing units, RFID has made it all possible.

A typical Simatic RF system packs the following synchronized and compatible components:

  • Tags or mobile data storage units
  • Read/write devices
  • Antennas
  • Communication modules for connection to Ethernet, PROFINET, PROFIBUS, etc.
  • Software for system integration

The specifications of RFID Systems are dependent on their frequency, i.e. the greater the frequency, the longer the range. Simatic RF systems are built for all types of environmentshigh-frequency solutions for compact environments and ultra-high-frequency ones for larger acreages. Once again, Simatic not only provides length of transmission but also offers instant read speeds and capability to handle bulk data.

Unaffected by harsh environments, the systems store data directly onto the tag attached to your product, in turn helping you control and optimize the flow of materials leading to efficient logistical processes.

A few highlights of Simatic RF engineering are:

  • Fully automatic and high-speed identification
  • 100% transmission integrity
  • Production and quality-related data stored right on the product
  • Wide range of tolerance (temperature and contamination levels)
  • Variable choice in terms of tags used, i.e. SmartLabels to 64KB ones
  • Flexible communication with the central system through serial or ethernet interfaces
  • Aligns with global ISO standards

Compared with conventional identification techniques, Siemens’ RFID systems have a wide range of benefits, ranging from high levels of reliability to interoperability, cutting costs and time.

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