Siemens Releases Sinema Server V14 Software

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 9, 2017 9:54:15 AM

Copy of Copy of osha standards.pngConstant innovation is the key to development in the world of industrial automation. The July issue of “MediaService” introduces two recent developments by Siemens, one being expansion in the Scalance Portfolio, while the other one being the highly-anticipated release of Sinema Server V14 Software.

The Siemens Sinema Server Network Management & Diagnostics Software is used in highly-automated industrial environments, and allows monitoring and analysis using standard diagnostic options. Data is collected over a wide range of compatible protocols and can be archived on long-term basis, as well as being integrated within HMI/SCADA systems.

Siemens has now released the latest version of this software, i.e. V14, which packs more power than ever. Instilling simplicity has been Siemens prime focus and the new version allows tangibly simpler monitoring & data acquisition across a range of devices.

IoT has become a reality, and due to this, Siemens has included a link-up to the open cloud-based IoT operation system MindSphere in the latest version. The Industrial IoT Gateway Ruggedcom Rx1400 can be employed for initiating the link-up. Data is transmitted to MindSphere for further evaluation via Rx1400, simplifying the implementation of IoT based systems within an industry.

As a whole, the software provides a clearer picture from a central point-of-view to the user within the production network. Version 14 allows plants and machines to employ Network Address Transaction (NAT) to capture diagnostic data and then carry out further processing as per requirements. The entire process is sped up by eliminating the need for Java Runtime Installation on every asset as the Sinema Software alone is enough to display network topologies.

siemens v14.png

Link-up with the cloud has been a major push in this version. Keeping under consideration the growing IP requirements, Siemens has included IPv6 Basic Support in this version. Now, users can make use of IPv6 addresses, and carry out communication with higher-level systems without any hassle. Furthermore, support for OPC UA has also been embedded, which is a much-needed upgrade due to the growing complexity of SCADA systems.

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