Siemens Expands Scalance Portfolio

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Aug 28, 2017 8:20:43 AM

scalance (1).pngSiemens recently broke news of its expansion of its Scalance Portfolio. The introduction of new unmanaged Scalance XR-100WG as well as the managed XR-300WG switches have increased the Scalance line’s capabilities.

The switches come within a 19-inch aluminum housing, with a considerably lower mounting depth, allowing Ethernet users to be connected using only a single device. The new switches are available in several variants and come with up to 28 ports in a 24VDC or 100-240VAC version.

The need for these switches arrives due to the rising demand for higher port density at the field level. This would allow sensors and actuators to transmit their data to controllers in a cost and space effective manner.

scalance-xr-100wg-xr-300wg-66044-11606397.jpgThe XR-100WG unmanaged switch series offer simple plug and play solutions to the network. The switches are available with electrical and optical port variants enable cost-optimized networking at machine level.

The features include:

  • Reliable and fail-safe operation
  • Usability in tough conditions (zone 2 hazardous areas)
  • Quicker diagnostics through instant error detection
  • Allow 24 users to be connected with 10/100Mbit/s transfer rate.

The XR-300WG managed switches are configurable over a web-based management tool and offer the same cost and area benefits as the 100WG. The switches provide high availability through features like virtual LANs and redundancy mechanisms.

  • Feature up to 28 Gigabit ports
  • Ability to bridge long distance interfaces
  • Use in hazardous area such as ATEX Ex Zone 2
  • Can be fully integrated into PROFINET or Ethernet/IP diagnostics

In addition, the new switches can be used as part of large control centers. Not only is the cost-optimized but so is the space, as these switches can be mounted one behind the other, making them the new face of Siemens SIMATIC portfolio.

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