Scalance XB-000: Cost Effective Unmanaged Ethernet Switches

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Jul 10, 2017 8:02:59 AM

siemens Scalance XB-000.pngWith Totally Integrated Automation up and running, Siemens seem to be the only manufacturing powerhouse that is capable of integrating the vast array of functions of any industry. The SIMATIC NET division in particular, deals with all components required for effective industrial communication, ranging from industrial communication processes to network components.

Ethernet technology is expanding and being embraced at an ever-increasing rate. SIMATIC NET offers several Industrial Ethernet Switches, which bring maximum uniformity in a network and allow seamless integration of all industrial assets.

Industrial Ethernet switching components are made up of:

  • Compact Switch Module
  • SCALANCE X Industrial Ethernet Switches
  • Communications Processors with Integral Switch

Out of the lengthy SCALANCE X line of ethernet switches comes XB-000, a compact, unmanaged switch, ideal for low-cost establishment of two of the most widely used industrial ethernet topologies, i.e. line and star.

Built within a rugged plastic enclosure ensuring IP20 protection, the ethernet switch is savvy on space and offers perfect installation on standard mounting rails in the control box. SIMATIC NET offers the XB-000 with the following variants:

  • SCALANCE XB005 (5x ports)
  • SCALANCE XB008 (8x ports)
  • SCALANCE XB004-1/XB004-1LD (4x electrical & 1x optical port)

Here’s how electrical/optical star topologies are implemented using the SCALANCE XB004-1:


These unmanaged ethernet switches are ideal for installation in an industrial ethernet system as they offer a cost-effective solution without compromising on major features required for effective and error free data transmission.

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