Carlo Gavazzi RGTS Soft Starter Overview

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Dec 11, 2018 8:29:21 AM

ACD Template (13)Soft Starters are used in conjunction with electrical motors to alleviate the mechanical and electrical stress resulting from sharp rise in torque and sudden inrush current. Shielding the system from the latter in particular can extend the motor’s lifetime while preventing damage to the cables, shaft, and distribution network.

The Carlo Gavazzi RGTS is a 1-phase solid state soft starter designed for two-wire AC induction motors. Control is provided through built-in potentiometers that can be used to limit the motor ramp-up time and the initial torque buildup. An overview of the features is as follows:

  • Solid state design
  • Wide operational voltage range, 100 – 240 VAC, 50/60Hz
  • Voltage ramp soft start


A voltage ramp algorithm is utilized for the starter’s working, with the user having the option to adjust two independent settings, namely:

  • Initial torque (10 – 80%)
  • Ramp-up (0.5 – 5 seconds)

By setting the initial torque at a lower value results in a decreased output voltage, while the ramp-up time decides how long it will take for the output voltage to reach the full-load value.


  • The soft starter has an extended lifetime due to wire bonding technology that reduces mechanical and thermal stress at the output chips.
  • With two simple yet vital adjustment options, the RGTS maintains its ease-of-use.
  • The RGTS can be used to obtain two control voltages, 24VAC/DC or 100-240VAC, ensuring the starter’s operation in weak power supply connections.
  • As soon as the main voltage is applied, the RGTS comes into operation, neutralizing the need for additional wires for start/stop signal.
  • The soft starter conforms to UL508A requirements for industrial control panels, carrying a 100kA(rms) Short Circuit Current Rating.


The Soft Starter can be used in all applications where AC induction motors are installed, e.g. compressors, fans, pumps and conveyors.

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