Reliable Detection of Objects and Fill Levels

Posted by Advanced Controls & Distribution on Mar 5, 2018 2:10:01 PM

detection.pngDetection of objects or fluids is one of the core tasks that are performed in any industry, upon which the productivity is dependent. Proximity sensors are employed for such tasks which detect the presence/absence of an object through electromagnetic fields, light and sound.

Leuze electronic is already an industry leader in the world of sensors, with a wide portfolio of optoelectronics & inductive switches & sensors. Leuze provides solutions for all types of detection requirements and takes into account the dynamic conditions of the industry floor.

Building on its reputation, Leuze electronic is now introducing capacitive proximity switches, truly providing solution for the entire array of detection problems. Resistant to electromagnetic interferences & contaminants, capacitive proximity switches from Leuze electronic are available in a number of versions including:

  • Cylindrical or cubic
  • Embedded or non-embedded
  • Mountable

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Designed on top of semiconductor technology, these sensors have a long working life, which is not affected by detection and switching frequency. Capacitive proximity sensors can detect both metallic and non-metallic targets in powder, liquid and solid form. Their ability to detect nonferrous materials makes them ideal for application such as tank liquid level detection, sight glass monitoring, etc.

The main reason as to why capacitive sensors should be your first choice is because of their sturdiness. Leuze's capacitive sensors are enclosed within an IP67 rated housing. They work flawlessly in dirty environments, and best of all, aren’t affected by any pollutants. Their ability to see through certain materials makes them a natural choice for the packaging industry, detecting products within the outer layer and behind containers’ walls.

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