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reg.pngRegistration mark sensors are widely used to identify packaging material, position control and coordination between the separating & cutting of webs of materials. Registration mark sensors are used to detect subtle changes in contrasts and register changes using one, two or three color LEDs. Banner Engineering offers a comprehensive portfolio of color sensors that can meet an industry’s sensing requirements to ensure reliability.

QC50 Series True Color Sensor

The QC50 Series of True Color Sensors are available in two variants, the QC50 for general applications and the QCX50 for challenging applications such as those that involve separating dark blue from black. The color sensor holds a high degree of accuracy, compares color to color and their varying intensities. The design itself is compact & self-contained, featuring easy-to-set push-buttons for programming the one, two or three colors.

Q26 Series Compact Luminescence Sensor

The sensor makes use of UV light to activate luminescent dyes, inks & surfaces, providing highly reliable detection of labels & seals within a range of applications. The configuration is simple, and can be done via a push-button or a remote input line. The response time is ultra-fast, i.e. 250 microseconds, enough for high speed industrial applications, while two indicator LEDs show the operation & output status.

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R58 Series Registration Mark Sensor

The Registration Mark Sensor is able to detect contrasts as low as 2 percent over a wide range of colors, and provides excellent performance in unforgiving conditions such as those that involve low-contrast & high-gloss. In addition to having an ultra-fast 10kHz switching frequency, the sensor is housed in a rugged, zinc allow housing rated at IP67. This, along with the high-quality acrylic lens makes it highly suitable for the food processing industry.

R55F Series Fiber Optic Registration Mark Sensor

Built for the toughest color contrasts, the sensor is available with white, blue, green or infrared LEDs. The sensor is capable of reliably detecting 16 levels of grayscale at up to 10,000 actuations per second. Available in two fiber types, i.e. plastic & glass, the sensor can easily mount in confined areas over a 35mm DIN rail, making it perfect for a rugged, industrial application.

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