Property Management Savings with LED’s

Posted by Heather Morgan on Sep 30, 2016 8:28:21 AM


If you own, operate, or manage real estate property you could be saving money on energy by updating your lighting.

Some of the benefits of LED Lighting for property management include:

  • Saving Energysave up to 50% on energy costs, receive incentive from energy company
  • Control power loads – free up power for other applications
  • Reduce Maintenance Costs – no changing lamps or maintenance
  • Improve Lighting Quality – high quality, even light
  • Environmental issues – reducing energy consumption
  • Safety – enough light to reduce accidents

Types of fixtures and controls that can easily be retrofitted are:

  • Downlights – replace 65w BR lamps or 26W CFL with 15w with an easy Edison base adaptor for easy replacement of existing fixture.


  • LED Flat panels – replaces 2, 3, and 4 lamp T12 and T8 troffers with only 36 watts and provides a sleek modern look


  • Occupancy Sensors - turn lights off when spaces not occupied, saving energy


  • Dimmers - dim lights to save up to 80% energy, when natural light may be present or less light is needed.


  • Exit and emergency lighting - long lasting, no maintenance


  • All Exterior Lighting, including wallpacks, site lighting and flood lighting. Add a photocell for optimum savings to automatically on remain on from dusk until dawn.


Adapting to the new technology of LED and making the change not only increases the lifespan of the fixtures, it decreases energy costs for your property and provides a fantastic value all around.

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